HS Series Hydraulic Centrifugal Slurry Pump for Heavy Duty Mineral Processing

Solution Description
HS (R)Sequence Introduction::
HS(R) pump is horizontal centrifugal weighty duty slurry pump and it is made for the ongoing pumping of higher abrasive, higher density slurries with minimum routine maintenance specifications. It will keep high effectiveness over the put on life of its factors. The rubber and metal lined pumps function casings which are radially break up into two halves. Bare minimum casing bolts minimize upkeep and minimise downtime. The pumps of HS can be put in as multi-phase collection.

1.Replaceable put on-resistant metallic or rubber liners and impellers, long service existence time.
two. Effortless to change the place among impeller and entrance liner and can be removed completely when sustaining.
three.Bearing assembly use grease lubrication.
four. Seal sorts: packing seal, expeller seal and mechanical seal.
5. Discharge course can be mounted at intervals of forty five levels as ask for and oriented to any eight positions to match applications.
6. CZPT kinds: V belt travel, gear reducer travel, fluid coupling push, and frequency conversion drive products.
7. Broad software, very good NPSH and higher efficiency. The sequence pump can be mounted in multistage to satisfy the shipping for lengthy distance.

Specification :
D:25 mm to 450 mm
Q: to five,000 m3/hr
H: to 73 m

Overall performance Sheet:


Max. Electricity(KW)
Distinct H2o Overall performance  
Ability Q Head
m3/h l/s
25HS-B fifteen twelve.six-28.eight 3.five-eight 6-sixty eight 1200-3800 40 two-4 152
25HSR-B 15 10.8-twenty five.two 3-7 seven-52 1400-3400 35    
25HHS-C thirty 16.2-34.2 4.five-nine.five twenty five-ninety two 1400-2200 20 2-five.5 330
40HS-B fifteen 32.four-seventy two 9-twenty six-58 1200-3200 forty five 3.five-8 184
40HSR-B 15 twenty five.2-54 seven-fifteen five.five-forty one 1000-2600 fifty 2.five-five 178
50HS-C thirty 39.six-86.four eleven-24 twelve-sixty four 1300-2700 55 4-6 214
50HSR-C thirty 36-seventy five.six 10-21 13-39 1300-2100   two-four 213
50HHS-D 60 68.4-136.eight 19-38 twenty five-87 850-1400 forty seven 3-7.5 457
75HS-C thirty 86.4-198 24-fifty five 9-fifty two 1000-2200 71 4-six 245
75HS-D 60 86.four-198 24-fifty five nine-52 one thousand-2200 71 four-6 245
75HSR-C 30 79.2-180 22-fifty five-34.five 800-1800 59 three-five 245
75HSR-D sixty seventy nine.two-one hundred eighty 22-fifty 5-34.5 800-1800 59 three-5 245
100HS-D sixty 162-360 forty five-one hundred twelve-fifty six 800-1550 sixty five 5-8 365
100HS-E 120 162-360 45-one hundred 12-fifty six 800-1550 sixty five five-eight 365
100HSR-D sixty one hundred forty four-324 forty-90 12-45 800-1350 65 three-5 365
100HSR-E a hundred and twenty 144-324 40-90 12-45 800-1350 sixty five three-5 365
100HHS-F 260 324-720 90-200 30-118 600-one thousand sixty four three-8 711
150HS-E 120 360-828 a hundred-230 ten-sixty one five hundred-1140 seventy two two-nine 510
150HS-S three hundred 360-828 one hundred-230 ten-sixty one five hundred-1140 72 2-nine 510
150HSR-E 120 324-720 ninety-200 7-49 four hundred-a thousand 65 five-10 510
150HSR-R 300 324-720 90-two hundred 7-49 four hundred-one thousand 65 five-10 510
150HHS-S 560 468-1008 one hundred thirty-280 20-ninety four 500-one thousand 65 4-twelve 711
200HS-ST 560 612-1368 one hundred seventy-380 eleven-61 400-850 71 four-10 686
200HSR-ST 560 540-1188 two hundred-450 7-45 three hundred-650 eighty two.five-7.5 686
200MS-E a hundred and twenty 540-1440 150-four hundred 14-60 600-a thousand seventy three four-ten 549
200MS-R 300 540-1440 a hundred and fifty-400 fourteen-sixty 600-one thousand seventy three 4-10 549
250HS-ST 560 936-1980 260-550 7-sixty eight three hundred-800 82 six 762
250HSR-ST 560 720-1620 320-seven hundred 13-14 three hundred-500 79 3-eight 762
300HS-ST 560 1260-2772 350-770 thirteen-sixty three three hundred-600 77 three-10 965
300HSR-ST 560 1152-2520 380-850 11-sixty three 250-550 seventy nine four-ten 965
350HS-ST 1200 1368-3060 380-850 11-sixty three 250-550 seventy nine 4-10 1067
400HS-TU 1200 2160-5054 600-1400 eight-66 two hundred-five hundred 80 4.5-nine 1245
450HS-TU 1200 2520-5400 seven-hundred-1500 thirteen-fifty seven 200-four hundred eighty five five-ten 1370

one.Capacity variety recommended:fifty%Q’≤Q≤110%Q'(Q’ Acceptable to capability at greatest effectiveness point).
2.NPSH: acceptable to point Q recommended at highest speed.

HS(R) sequence slurry pump is broadly utilized in metallurgy, mining, mineral processing, dredging, de-watering, h2o treatment method, coal washing, mill, cyclone feed, tailing, electricity, developing content…etc. various industrial web sites. HS pumps are named various names for different doing work obligations: CZPT processing pump, Mill discharge slurry Pump, Booster pump, Feeding pump, Tailing pump,Transfer pump Thickner Underflow Pump, De-watering screen pump, Force pump, Focus pump…


HS Series Hydraulic Centrifugal Slurry Pump for Heavy Duty Mineral Processing