Wear and Corrosion Al2O3 Aluminum Oxide Alumina Ceramic Pistons

1. Supplies:

Alumina ceramic (Aluminum Oxide or Al2O3) is an excellent electrical insulator and 1 of the most extensively employed superior ceramic materials. Furthermore, it is really resistant to put on and corrosion. Alumina elements are utilized in a extensive range of purposes these kinds of as electronics, pump factors and automotive sensors. UNIPRETEC offers a variety of alumina compositions, like 92% Alumina, 95% Alumina, 96% Alumina, ninety nine% Alumina, ninety nine.5% Alumina and ninety nine.8% Alumina, but the 95% Alumina and ninety nine% are the most widely used materials. Alumina factors can be formed by a selection of production tactics these kinds of as uniaxial urgent, isostatic pressing, injection molding and extrusion. Ending can be completed by precision grinding and lapping, laser machining and a range of other procedures.

2. Positive aspects:

three. Generation Method

four. ABOUT US

UNIPRETEC manufactures, develops and gives parts manufactured of complex ceramics. With encounter in analysis and growth in technical ceramic components, method advancement, manufacturing of precision elements and also consulting & working with many buyers and associates around the entire world, we welcome any opportunity from anyone who is intrigued in for development or sourcing higher tech ceramic components from us.

Ceramic CZPT:

Alumina Ceramics (Al2O3 & Aluminum Oxide)
Aluminum Nitride Ceramics (AlN)
Boron Nitride Ceramics (Sizzling Pressed Hexagonal BN)
Silicon Carbide Ceramics (SSiC, SiSiC, RBSiC)
Silicon Nitride Ceramics (GPSN & HPSN)
Zirconia Ceramics (Yttria Partly Stailized ZrO2)

Software CZPT:

Semiconductor rings, lift pins, and stop effectors
CZPT healthcare and laser instrumentation elements
Bushings, punches, dies, and forming equipment
Fluid managing parts – plungers, liners, tubes, shafts, pistons, cylinders
CZPT seals, valve seats, and handle valve components
CZPT knives and blades

Wear and Corrosion Al2O3 Aluminum Oxide Alumina Ceramic Pistons