Small Capacity Stainless Steel Milk Powder Making Machine Spray Dryer

Small capability stainless steel milk powder making equipment spray dryer



various fields where the manufacturing of a free of charge powder sample is necessary. 
LSP-1500 has productively processed samples in the adhering to areas: Beverage, Flavours and colourings, Milk and egg items, Plant and vegetable extracts, CZPTs, Synthetics Heat delicate supplies, CZPTs polymers and resins, Perfumes, Blood, Ceramics and superconductors Biochemicals, Dyestuffs, Soaps and detergents, Foodstuffs, Adehesives, Oxides, Textiles, Bones, Teeth and tooth amalgam and many other folks.


1.Specific for lab analysis, Min 20-30ml liquid to complete one take a look at.
2.All borosilicate glass for simple visible checking of method standing.
three.Spray chamber, cyclone separator, acquiring tank are all produced of Borosilicate glass, which can resist sturdy acid/alkali, high temperature. It can work in a no-pollution and secure environment.                                                           
four.Easy to clear and quite simple to assemble and crack down.                      
five.The CZPT is no oil and don’t pollute compress air. The audio is lower than 50db and adhering to the GMP understands.
6.inlet/outlet temperature is exact controlled by PID
seven.The device is self contained and provided full and prepared for instant operation.
eight.Employing screen touchable encounter display operation, management temperature, airflow volume, air stress, pump velocity and de-blocker frequency.
nine.Merchandise feeding with RS2559605 rotary pump, ability is adjustable
ten.CZPT de-blocking device prevents the nozzle from turning into blocked and variably controlled.




Model LSP-1500
Max potential  1500-2000ml/h
Temperature selection of Inlet air  30ºC -280ºC 
Temperature assortment of outlet air  40ºC -120ºC 
CZPT of temperature  ± one ºC 
Dryer time  1.-one.five S
Velocity of squirmy pump  30-2000ml/h, 
Take in of dryer air  0-330m3 /h, max force: 686Pa
Eat of spray air  0-4.2m3 /h, spray pressure: 2-5bar
Spray system two liquid nozzles with CZPT .7mm jet
possibilities of .five/1./one.five/two./two.5mm
Spray path  downwards co-existing
Electrical power  3.5KW   220V 
Voltage 220/240V-fifty/60HZ-13amps
Proportions  650×600×1550 ( mm ) L x W x H
Excess weight 120kg

1. What is spray dryer used to do?

Spray dryer is a machine to become liquid into powder or particle.

two. Which variety of liquid can be utilised with spray dryer?

The strong content of liquid needs to be a lot more than twenty%. Your CZPT sample can bear higher temperature.

3. What is the capability of your spray dryer?

For lab employed, the max. potential is 2000ml/h capability. We also have huge capability for creation.

four. Does the ultimate particle can be altered?

Of course, of system, the nozzle is optional. CZPTent nozzle will get different dimension particle.

five. What about warrranty?

12months for the device, not which includes glass. CZPT assistance is free of charge forever.


Small Capacity Stainless Steel Milk Powder Making Machine Spray Dryer