Series High Viscosity Mono Screw Slurry Transfer Pump

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Technical specs
1. Constructive displacement progressive cavity pump
2, Higher viscosity up to two hundred, 000 cp
three. Foods quality rubber for stator
4. SS rotor

1-1B series pump is a shut type screw pump of interior gearing, is one of rotor pump. Due to the fact of its adaptability for medium. Steady flow, well suction capacity, reduced presure fluctuate. It is not only transportation all types of flow medium, but also the medium with substantial viscosity., suspend granule or strong granule and fibre., and many others.
Excellent efficiency and large effifency make it widely applicate in mining, setting shield, boats, petroleum, chemical, food things, pharmacy, brewage, development, mining, printing, paper making, electricity, boller industrial. And so forth.

Operating Theory

Single screw pump is a interior gearing rotor pump, the primary operating parts are eccentric screw (rotator) and static bush (stator), because of particular geometry shope. Kind numerous one sealed cavity to pump the medium from suction portion to discharge part constantly and regularifily.

1 Large viscosity medium
two medium contain solide granule and fibre
3 continuous procedure, stable pressure with out periodicity fluctuation
four To stir gently, can not ruin the stucture of granule be transported
five low nosie

CZPTal safety:
The transport industry:
The healthcare and daily health item market:
The canned foodstuff sector:
Brewing industry:
The building market:
The mining business:
The chemical market:
The printing & paper industry:

product inlet/outlet(mm) pace(rpm) flow(m3/h strain(Mpa) head(M) motor(kw)  
one-1B1 25mm 960 1.5 5 50 1.1  
1-1B1 25mm 960 1.five five 50 1.5  
1-1B1 25mm 960 1.5 10 100 two.2  
  1-1B1 25mm 960 1.5 12 a hundred and twenty two.two  
  one-1B1.5 40mm 960 3.two 8 eighty two.2  
  one-1B1.five 40mm 960 three.2 eight eighty 3  
  one-1B1.five 40mm 960 3.2 12 one hundred twenty 4  
  1-1B2 50mm 960 five.6 eight eighty three  
  1-1B2 50mm 960 five.6   12 a hundred and twenty 5.5  
   1-1B2.5 65mm 960 6.5   6 sixty three  
   one-1B2.5 65mm 960 six.five   12 a hundred and twenty   five.five  
    1-1B3 75mm 960 twelve   6   sixty    5.5  
    1-1B3   75mm 960   twelve   6   60    7.five  
    1-1B3   75mm   960    twelve    twelve   a hundred and twenty   11  
    one-1B4   100mm 960    sixteen    six    sixty    7.five  
    one-1B4   100mm 960   sixteen   12   120    eleven  
    1-1B5    125mm   960   19    6   60    eleven  
     1-1B6    150mm 960    24    six   60   15  

Series High Viscosity Mono Screw Slurry Transfer Pump