Sauer PV Series Hydraulic Piston Pump for Concrete Mixer

Sauer  PV series CZPT Piston  Pump  for Concrete Mixer

Combine Harvester hydraulic pump
CZPT Sauer PV pump
CZPT Sauer-Sundstrand axial piston pump PV20, PV21, PV22, PV23, PV24, PV25, PV26, PV27


Shut circuit
Sequence twenty
Size: twenty, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27
Nominal force 210 bars, Highest pressure 350 bars.

The Sauer PV axial piston variable displacement pumps, Collection twenty, are of swash plate construction with variable circulation ability ideal for hydrostatic transmissions with shut circuit. The movement price is proportional to the pumps driven velocity displacement, which, in change, is identified by the swash plate angle. The latter is infinitely adjustable between zero and greatest displacement. Movement direction is reserved by titling the swash plate to the opposite aspect of the neutral or zero displacement placement. These models and components are suit, type and operate replacements for Sauer-Sundstrand series twenty factors.
– Suitable for a variety of programs
– A number of displacements and alternatives obtainable
– 8 different body dimensions
– Engineered to give a prolonged service lifestyle and dependability
– Fastened displacement motor can be operated in either direction of rotation
– Numerous drive shaft alternatives and management alternatives
– Weighty responsibility bearings and shafts
– Very easily serviceable
– Substitute areas also offered
– Direct replacements for Sauer-Sundstrand
Attributes of CZPT Sauer PV pump
The total-length shaft with a large productive tapered roller bearing arrangement provides a large loading capability for exterior radial forces. Additional pumps can be developed on. The hydro-mechanical servo displacement handle maintains the picked swash plate position and consequently pump displacement.
Upon release of the handle handle, the swash plate routinely returns to the null placement and the stream grow to be zero.
Higher scenario pressures can be archived without leakage even at the most affordable temperature by employing appropriate shaft seals. The servo valve arrangement provides the facility to incorporate operate regulators and remote handle technique. Axial piston units are designed for straightforward servicing, comprehensive dismantling and reassembly can be carried out CZPT hand instruments, and all parts or sub-assemblies are replaceable.
Servo Displacement Manage (Linear reaction)
Typical by manage take care of on the servo valve, the swash plate can be infinitely assorted in equally instructions with the assist of the servo technique.
The pump displacement resulting from any management handle placement can be established making use of figures.
The angle of the manage manage for stroke initiation and for the ultimate position of the stroke can range from unit to device in the range of the tolerance band.
CZPT Data 
Table of values (theoretical values, with no performance and tolerances values rounded)

Dimensions Dimension Sauer-Sundstrand PV pump
PV20 PV21 PV22 PV23 PV24 PV25 PV26 PV27
Max. displacement cm3 33,three 51,6 sixty nine,eight 89, 118,7 165,8 227,three 333,seven
Max. flow dm3min-1 119,five 159,nine 196,one 230,five 278,nine 348,1 429,fifty nine 557,2
4 six 4 1 four eight 8
Demand pump cm3 twelve,3 12,3 18,03 18,03 18,8 32,8 32,eight 65,5
Max. stress MPa 35
Nominal strain MPa 21
Max. stress of control MPa 3,5
Cost pressure MPa ,eight – 2,
Max. strain in circumstance MPa ,25 ongoing ,five intermittent
Highest speed + min-one 3590 3100 2810 2590 2350 2100 1890 1670
Least pace min-1 five hundred
Nominal speed min-one 1500
Kinematic viscosity assortment of doing work fluid
– beginning
– running
– ideal
a thousand
twelve – 600
twenty five – 35
Variety of operating fluid   mineral oil
Functioning temperature oC – forty to + 50
Max. temperature of functioning fluid in tank oC eighty
Purity of doing work fluid µm ten
Course of shaft rotation   clockwise or counter clockwise
Highest swash plate angle o ± 18 o
Excess weight kg 45 55 sixty three 78 124 164 212 270


Sauer PV Series Hydraulic Piston Pump for Concrete Mixer