Rexroth A15vso A15vlo Series High Pressure Variable Displacement Hydraulic Pump From Audited Supplier


A15VSO Series Variable Piston Pumps
Technical specs A15VSO 110, a hundred forty five, 175, 210, 280
Working force Nominal strain p: 350 bar
Highest stress: absolute strain 420 bar
Handle method:

Electricity Controller
LR – Fastened Control
L4 – CZPTtrical Proportional Regulation
Complete Electricity Controller
CR, PR – Override Handle, CZPT Proportion Adjustment, Large Force
Travel Controller
E2 – CZPTtrical Proportional Regulation
E6-Two-Level CZPTtrical Manage
H3, H4 – CZPT Proportional Adjustment, Strain Handle
H5, H6 – CZPT proportional adjustment, force handle
Force Controller
DR – Set Settings
DG-hydraulic distant manage
DP – For Parallel Operations
Stress controller with mooring function
MD – Fastened Options


CZPT piston pump A15VSO, A15VLO sequence features:
one. Swashplate axial piston variable displacement pump for hydraulic transmission in open circuit.
two. It is a lot more ideal for static hydraulic purposes.
three. The flow price of the pump is proportional to the driving speed and displacement.
4. The stepless stream regulation can be recognized by altering the angle of the rotary swashplate.
5. The pump can function by self-priming or booster pump.
six. Extensive management devices have higher adaptability and can recognize various manage and adjustment capabilities essential for fastened hydraulic apps.
7. one hundred% mooring function can be recognized by particular controller (swing manner, motor pace regulation mode).
eight. CZPT by means of-axle travel gadget is ideal for setting up equipment pump and axial piston pump (even with the exact same technical specs), that is, 100% through-axle generate.
nine. Compact Style
ten. High performance
11. Substantial power density
12. Minimal Sound Amount


Dimension a hundred and ten one hundred forty five one hundred seventy five 210 280 145 one hundred seventy five 210 280
Variation Common With demand pump
Displacement   Vg max cm³ 110 one hundred forty five one hundred seventy five 210 280 a hundred forty five one hundred seventy five 210 280
geometric, per revolution
Nominal pressure   pnom bar 350 350 350 350 350 350 350 350 350
Maximum pressure   pmax bar 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420
Maximum speed at Vg max nnom rpm 2400 2300 2150 2000 1800 2600 2500 2350 2150
Flow at Vg max and nnom qV nom l/min 264 334 376 441 504 377 438 525 644
Power at qV nom and pnom P kW 154 195 219 257 294 220 255 306 376
Torque at Vg max and pnom M Nm 613 808 975 1170 1560 808 975 1170 1560
Weight (approx.)   m kg 64 79 ninety seven 111 143 ninety two one hundred ten 125 148

Basic safety instructions:
– A15VSO and A15VLO pumps are created for open up circuit.

– The venture plHangZhou, installation and commissioning of the axial piston device demands the participation of experienced personnel.

– Ahead of using the axial plunger device, you should read through the corresponding manual entirely. If needed, you can get it from Bosch CZPT.

– The characteristics of the axial plunger unit could range with different functioning situations (operating strain, oil temperature).

– Perform pipeline oil outlet:
Oil nozzles and mounted threads are made according to the maximum recommended pressure. CZPT or system companies have to ensure that the security factor of connecting elements and pipes meets the specified working problems (strain, circulation, hydraulic oil, temperature).
Operate pipeline nozzles and functional nozzles are only utilized in hydraulic pipelines.

– The info and guidelines contained listed here have to be adopted.

– Before finishing the closing layout, remember to inquire for the installation drawings that must be followed.

– Not all versions of this solution are accepted for the safety capabilities needed by ISO 13849. For practical security trustworthiness parameters (such as MTTFd), please seek the advice of the dependable get in touch with particular person of Bosch CZPT.

– Force controllers are not standby products for force overload. A different relief valve shall be set up in the hydraulic technique.

– The following tightening torque is utilised:
Remember to comply with the manufacturer’s specs for the fastening torque of the joints utilized.
Install bolts:
For set up bolts with ISO metric threads in accordance with DIN 13 CZPT and with ASME B1.1 CZPT threads, we advocate that the tightening torque of every box be checked according to VDI 2230.
Threaded holes in the axial plunger device:
The highest allowable tightening torque MG Max is the greatest worth for threaded holes and shall not exceed that price.
Lock the screw:
For the metal locking screw provided with the axial piston unit, the fastening torque MV required for the locking screw should be employed.

R957139308 A15VSO110DRS0A0V/10ARVD4T11EB3S40-
R957162531 A15VSO110DRS0A0V/10ARVD4T11EB3S50-
R957137973 A15VSO110DRS0A0V/10ARVD4T11EU0000-
R957133178 A15VSO110DRS0A0V/10MRVD4A11EB3S40-
R957144921 A15VSO110DRS0A0V/10MRVD4A11EC3S70-
R957171786 A15VSO110DRS0A0V/11ARVD4T1EU0000-
R957167902 A15VSO110DRS0A0V/11MRVD4A1EB3S40-
R957151447 A15VSO110E1DGAPK/10BRVD4T11ED4T10-0E
R957172009 A15VSO110E2CHV/11MRVD4B1EU0000-
R957151652 A15VSO110E2DGAHV/10ARVD4T11EA3S30-
R957151654 A15VSO110E2DGAHV/10ARVD4T11EU0000-
R957147068 A15VSO110E2DGBHV/10MRVD4A11EU0000-
R95716571 A15VSO145DGV2AHV/10MRVD4A21EL5S40-
R957150121 A15VSO145DGV2AHV/10MRVD4A21EU0000-
R957164976 A15VSO145DGV2AHV/11MRVD4A2PC3S90-
R957164448 A15VSO145DGV2AHV/11MRVD4A2PD4A20-
R957169263 A15VSO145DGV2AHV/11MRVD4A2PL5S40-
R957164449 A15VSO145DGV2AHV/11MRVD4A2PU0000-
R957165052 A15VSO145DGV2AHV/11MRVD4A2PU0000-
R957164987 A15VSO145DGV2AHV/11MRVD4B2PU0000-
R957160463 A15VSO175DPA0V/10ARVE4B21EC3S70-0E
R95716 0571 A15VSO175DPA0V/10MR+PVQ4-1X/082
R957136636 A15VSO175DPA0V/10MR+PVQ4-1X/113
R957136638 A15VSO175DPA0V/10MRVE4A21EC3S70-
R957111513 A15VSO175DPA0V/10MRVE4B21EU0000-
R957165101 A15VSO175DPA0V/11ARVE4B2PC3S70-0E
R957167489 A15VSO175DPA0V/11MR+A15VSO175DPA0V C
R957166422 A15VSO175DPA0V/11MRVE4A2PC3S70-
R957167490 A15VSO175DPA0V/11MRVE4A2PE4A20- C
R957151432 A15VSO210DPA0V/10MRVE4A21EU0000-
R957119669 A15VSO210DPA0V/10MRVE4A2EU0000-
R957151430 A15VSO210DPA0V/10MRVE4B21EE4A20-
R957140609 A15VSO210DPA0V/10MRVE4B21EU0000-
R957137057 A15VSO210DPA0V/10MRVE4B21EU0000- C
R957172054 A15VSO210DPA0V/11MRVE4A2PB3S40-
R957119132 A15VSO280DGA0V/10MRVE4A41EU0000-
R957144919 A15VSO280DGA0V/10MRVE4B41ED4A10-
R957171762 A15VSO280DGA0V/11MRVE4A4PB3S50-
R957185664 A15VSO280DGV3APV/10MLVE4T31ED4T10-
R957185185 A15VSO280DGV3APV/10MLVE4T31EU0000-
R957191756 A15VSO280DGV4AHV/10MRVE4B41EU0000-
R957170850 A15VSO280DGV4AHV/11MRVE4A4PU0000-


Rexroth A15vso A15vlo Series High Pressure Variable Displacement Hydraulic Pump From Audited Supplier