POM Rack Gear for CNC Machine

Solution Description
POM Rack gear for CNC equipment

POM(CZPTformaldehyde) is a engineering plastics of non-side-chain, large density, higher crystalline and linear polymer, which is praised “CZPT Metal”, and has extensive exceptional performances, this kind of as: Wear-resistance, substantial hardness, anti-impregnant, good rigidity (Tensile modulus of elasticity), chemical steadiness, isolation resistance and dimensional balance. POM has broadly used in CZPT industries, digital and electric powered items, commodity, pipeline & fittings, specific apparatus and so on, which can be alternatively of the bronze, Zinc, tin and other metals. 

Except POM-H is typically copolymerized with ethylene oxide jointly, in order to avoid the melting of POM content in the substantial temperature. POM-H has the much better performances than POM-C in its substantial crystalline, mechanical energy and rigidity. And POM-C has the much better performances than POM-H in its reduced melting level, temperature balance, fluxion attribute and machining capacity. 
Father much more, POM-H+PTFE, which is produced from the Delrin POM Resin that maxed Teflon fiber symmetrically, has the minimal co-successful of frication, great lubrication, wear-resistance, non-creepage resistance. 

CZPT industries: POM has a large software in automobile industries, simply because the mechanical parts made by POM, which has the benefits of higher mechanical energy, high hardness, great use-resistance, lower co-successful of friction, simple to preserve, reducing expense and so on, can be utilized in cars rather of coppery half stalk and planet gear. It not only conserving copper resources, but also bettering service existence. At the engine gas program, elements for hose valves and case protect of radiator, cooling fluid’s standby scenario, water valve, oil box’ include, pump impeller, shell of gasification machine and accelerator pedal and so on. 

CZPTtronic and electric powered CZPT: Since of its decrease power consuming, substantial dielectric toughness and insulation resistance and electronic arc resistance, POM has commonly applied in digital and electric powered CZPT, this sort of as: Shell of electronic spanner, shell of digital scissors, shell of coal drilling machine, handle of switch, parts also for mobile phone, wi-fi recorder, video tape recorder, tv, computer, electrograph, calculagraph, bracket of recorder tape and so on. 

Agricultural device: Portion of handbook sprayer, joint and transport portion of seeder, parts of milk equipment, shell of irrigation and drainage, valve, joint and bush of drinking water and so on. 

Other area: 
Pharmacy & packing CZPT: Transporting screw, planet equipment, equipment bar, chain wheel and cushion bar and so on. 
CZPT industries: Drinking water tap, window frame, clean pot, drinking water tank, pulley for portiere, shell of water meter and tie-in of water pipe.

House Product No. Unit POM-C POM-H POM-H+PTFE
CZPT Properties one Density g/cm3 1.forty one 1.43 1.50
two  Water absorption(23ºCin air) % .20 .twenty .seventeen
three Tensile power MPa 68 seventy eight 55
4 Tensile pressure at crack % 35 35 ten
5 Compressive anxiety(at two%nominal strain) MPa 35 forty 37
six Charpy influence energy (unnotched) KJ/m 2 ≥150 ≥200 ≥30
7 Charpy affect energy (notched) KJ/m two seven 10 three
eight Tensile modulus of elasticity MPa 3100 3600 3200
nine Ball indentation hardness N/mm 2 one hundred forty a hundred and sixty a hundred and forty
  10 Rockwell hardness M84 M88 M84

Our Service:

1. Rich industry experience since 1988.
2. Wide arrange product line, including plastics sheet/rod/areas/components: MC NYLON, OIL NYLON, POM, UHMW-PE, PU, PETP, PC, PTFE, PVDF, PPS, PEEK, PAI, PI, PBI ect.
three. CZPT, design and processing service as per your demand. 

Product technology:

CNC machine,Extrusion,Injection,ect.

Processing CZPT :

CNC machining center,CNC lathes,Milling,Injection Molding CZPT,Extruder,CZPTing press


Packing in plastics bags,wooden case,pallet,container,ect. 


Certification:ISO,SGS,Food and drug administration,RoHS,Test report,ect.


1.A: What’s the size of plastics sheet?
   B:Nylon sheet:Thickness*Width*Duration:twenty-a hundred*1000*2000mm
       UHMW-PE sheet:Thickness*Width*Duration:20-one hundred*one thousand*2000mm 20-one hundred*1250*3130mm 20-100*1250*4250mm
     POM sheet:Width*Duration:a thousand*2000mm
two. A:Can we purchase a small part of plastics sheet?
    B: Yes,you can, if we have the size you require in stock.
3. A:What color of plastics sheet?
    B: Nylon sheet:  CZPT,black,blue,or according to client’s requiremnet.
         UHMW-PE sheet:  White,black,green ,bule,yellow,or according to client’s requirement.
four. A:Can you manufacture the plastics products as per drawing?
    B: Yes,we can.
5.A: What the precision of plastic products according to drawing?
   B: CZPTent machine with different precision,it usually around 0.05-.1mm
6.A: What the technologies in producing plastics parts?
   B: CZPTent products with different technologies,such as CNC machine,Extrusion,Injection
seven: A:What kinds of processing machine do you have?
    B: CNC machining center,CNC lathes,Milling,Injection Molding CZPT,Extruder,CZPTing press

POM Rack Gear for CNC Machine