Pipe Resin Gear Metering Pump

M series special pump

Mostly employed in the processing for chemical properties energetic, easy to crystallization and liquid with sturdy capability .


  1. With particular seal composition, pertinence and reputable sealing.
  2. Prevent crystal holding shaft and pump getting struck by antifouling spiral groove on the surface of rotor.
  3. Simple construction, straightforward to dismounting and clean.
  4. Substantial hardness and very good dress in resistance.
  5. The layout of coronary root reduced material shear in pump and enhanced the utilization charge of strength consumption.

Pump info
CZPT:Structural metal,Device steel.
Thieving:Compound seal.
Set up:motor and footing installations.
Stress:1-70bar(relying upon viscosity)
Viscosity:Up to 10000Cps
Temperature:-18~200ºC(Clarify it just before variety if the temperature is more than 90ºC)

Normal software:
The casting business: pipe resin
CZPT: polyurethane isocyanate (TDI, MDI)
Viscose industry: curing agent

Efficiency parameter table 

kind Solitary rotation displacement(cc/rev) Rated circulation rate at highest speed(L/min) Optimum velocity
Inlet/outlet dimension
MS79 .seventy nine .7 980 G3/8″
MS110 one.ten 1. 980 G3/8″
MS158 one.fifty eight one.5 980 G1/2″
MS253 2.53 2.4 980 G1/2″
MS348 3.48 three.4 980 G1/two”
MS475 four.75 four.6 980 G1/2″
MS712 7.twelve 6.9 980 G1/two”
MM950 9.fifty 9.three 980 G1/two”
MM142 fourteen.2 10.two 720 G1/two”
MM214 21.four fifteen.4 720 G3/four”
MM320 32. 23. 720 G1″

Be aware: The previously mentioned parameters are measured when the strain is 0 bar

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Pipe Resin Gear Metering Pump