Minimized Abrasion Carbon Graphite Washers Used for Fluid-Handing Pumps

minimized abrasion carbon CZPT washers Utilized for fluid-handing pumps

A: Company profile
    L.T Group has a extensive solution and technological innovation portfolio that focuses on
4 fields of graphite – ultrafine particle graphite mould, graphite electrode, graphite
crucible, as nicely as other merchandise largely made of graphite.


B: Why select us
  CZPT mould plays a dual position in the process of diamond resources manufacture:Heating
element and Supporting mould.The good quality of graphite mold is really crucial, will straight
have an effect on the following diamond tools’ accuracy and appearance.So, which sort of graphite mould
is appropriate for sintering diamond equipment:
  a: Very good efficiency on conductivity and high charge resistivity
  b: Ample CZPT CZPT
  c: Very good functionality on Oxidation resistance
  d: CZPT

  Our mold attributes:
Raw supplies is really essential, We only use CZPTfine particle composition, High purity
and Large graphitization uncooked graphite resources.
Our finished graphite mildew is:
  a: dense construction and reduced porosity
  b: Fined surface and reduced price heat-deformation
  c: Large mechanical energy and machining accuracy
  d: Oxidation resistance and resilient

C: Item attributes

one.The processing materials are ultrafine granule construction, substantial purity and graphite with
higher graphitization degree.
2.Substantial hardness, very good anti-oxidation performance and higher machining precision
three.Very good conductivity, substantial resistivity, ample mechanical toughness
four.Small porosity and dense framework.
5.Exceptional thermal shock resistance, conductive and thermal conductivity.
six.Higher temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good
wear resistance.
seven.Surface can be dealt with with anti-oxidation.

 CZPT tubes/poles have a wide software fields, such as:
 a.Utilised in furnaces due to the fact of graphite’s lower warmth sensitivity
 b.Used for Aluminum degassing
 c.Employed in the production of fluxing tubes employed in the steel production sector
 d.Other industries using graphite tubes incorporate chemical and scientific market

D: Processing technique
1. Buyer give design drawings.
2. Our technological crew will check out, assess the drawings, and divide the drawing to
parts if essential, and put together suitable graphite blocks .Our mechanics will layout and
grinding wheel.
3. Our personnel will grinding and polishing graphite block in accordance to the instructions
mechanics.This procedure could require running few occasions if required.We will strictly maintain
within ±0.03-.08mm.
four. Then our packing group will assembling different parts into a whole graphite mould.
For the duration of the
assembling period, unqualified items will be picked out.

E:Tech Info

Objects LT-8
Bulk Density  g/cmthree 1.91-1.ninety five
CZPTtrical Resistivity  uΩ·m eleven-thirteen
Flexural CZPT  MPa ≥60
Compressive CZPT  MPa ≥135
Thermal Conductivity  W/m*K 85


Minimized Abrasion Carbon Graphite Washers Used for Fluid-Handing Pumps