Komatsu Excavator PC12uu-2 Triple Pump Gear Pump 705-41-08250

komatsu CZPT Gear Pump CZPTr~ 

Component Number: 
705-41- 0571
CZPT number: 

Pump Attributes:

1. Shaft sleeves are imported from DAIDO Japan.
2. Oil sealing is produced by NOK Japan.
three. CZPT pump mid-physique is an extrusion molding which is developed by extruding equipment (press energy is 7200 Ton).
four. Sleek area, difficult density of content. 
five. 1 12 months guarantee. Long long lasting and reliable functioning life time.

6. Aggressive and reasonable price tag
CZPT Images:

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Now all the pumps have been created in new material, which has high top quality and good seeking.
See the images, shining gear room.
CAT caterpillar pump:


CZPT pump:

Parts we provide:

Steering Pump, Transmission Pump, Equipment Pump, CZPT Pump, Perform Pump Ass’y. H2o Pump Ass’y,CZPT ring,Various Valves…

one 705-41-08070 PC10-seven/PC15-3/PC20-7
two 705-forty one-08001 PC20/thirty-6/PC38UU-one
3 705-86~thirteen 0571 88828 13858117778060 PC20-5/30-5
four 705-86~thirteen 0571 88828 13858117778000 PC20-5/thirty-five
5 705-forty one-08080 PC25-1/PC38UU-2
6 705-41-57170 PC27MR-one/PC28UU-three
7 705-forty one-57120 PC27MR-one/PC28UU-3/PC35MR-1
8 705-forty one-57100 PC27/30MR-3
nine 705-forty one-08240 PC28UU/UD/UG-two
10 705-41-5710 PC28UU/UD/UG-two
11 705-fifty two-10070 PC30-one
12 705-22-21000 PC30-1
thirteen 705-fifty six-14000 PC30-3/PC20-three
fourteen 705-41-5710 PC35MR-three
fifteen 705-41- 0571 PC35MR-2/3/PC35MR-three/PC38UU-three
sixteen 708-3S- 0571 1 PC40MR-1/PC45MRX-1
17 708-3S-5710 PC40MR-two/PC50MR-2/PC55MR-3
18 705-fifty four-2571 PC40-3     
19 705-forty one- 0571 one PC40-six
twenty 705-41-08090 PC40-7C/PC50UU-2
21 705-41-57110 PC40/45MR-1
22 705-41-01920 PC40R/45R-8
23 705-forty one-07040 PC45MRX/PC40MR
24 705-41-01620 PC50UU/UD/UG/UUM-two
twenty five 705-52-2571 PW60-one
26 705-58-24571 PC60-two
27 705-56-24080 PC60-three/PC60U-three
28 704-24-24401 PC60-five/PC75UU-1/PC80-three/PW60-3 
29 705-forty-01370 PC75UD/UU-two
30 705-24-29090 PC75UU/UD-three/78US-5
31 705-22-30150 PC75UU/US/UD-three/PC95R-two/ PC110R-1
32 708-3T-04610 PC78UU-six/
33 708-3T-04620 PC78US/PC80MR
34 705-fifty two-20050 PC80-one
35 705-54-20000 PC80-1/PC40-1/PC40-two
36 705-56-34000 PC120-one/two
37 705-forty one-01540 PW128UU-1 
38 705-56-24090 PC200-one/PC220-1
39 705-56-24030 PC200-one/PC220-1
40 705-56-24571 PC200-one/PC220-one
41 705-51-1571 PC200/200LC-2
forty two 704-24-24420 PC200-9R/ PC200-6/PC100L-six/ PC120-six / PC128UU-one/PC210LC-6
forty three 704-24-28203 PC200/WA700/PW210-one/WA900-one/WA800-3
forty four 704-24-28230 PC200/WA800/WA900
forty five 704-24-26430 PC450-6/PC400LC-6Z/PC100-6E/PC120-six/PC300-six/PC228UU-1
forty six 705-fifty two-21140 PC600-6-7-6K-7K/PC600LC-6-seven-6A/PC650-6-7
forty seven 705-52-30011 PC650-one
48 705-52-3571 PC650-1
49 705-51-31060 PC650-3-5/PC750-six/PC800-six/PC1800-6
50 705-52-31070 PC750-six-7/PC800-6-seven
fifty one 705-fifty six-34360 PC1100-six/PC1250-6/PC1250-7
52 705-21-26050 PC1250-7/PC1100-six/WA900/1200-3

If you can not locate the component amount in this record, please contact with me at at any time.

Anney Feng

Factory & Workshop:
We have far more than 20 specialists, who all have considerably encounter in producing hyraulic pumps.


Imorted CZPTs:

Now we have imported about 15sets equipments, this kind of as US Hass and Japan Mazak, which can significantly enhance the generation effiency and precision.

Why pick us:

 A. Far more than thirty a long time expertise in the line of the market place, generate substantial quality CZPT bulldozer spare elements Substantial high quality at aggressive cost.
B. Luxurious expertise to export to CZPT Asia, Korea, India, Africa, Brazil, CZPTe and numerous other nations.
C. One-end buying. We have CZPT firm based mostly on our manufacturing facility, supply with different spare parts for your need, with large top quality at firm price tag, one-quit searching, save your time to looking the components you require urgent.
D. Manufacturing facility straight sale means the very best prices.
E. Areas obtainable in inventory, typically we can deliver pumps to you within 24 several hours following your pament.  
F. 1 12 months gurantee.
G. Could produce new products according to customer’s requirement or technological drawing.

Get in touch with Details:

Welcome to vist our manufacturing facility~


Komatsu Excavator PC12uu-2 Triple Pump Gear Pump 705-41-08250