Intelligent Synchronous Tensioning or Lifting System Prestressing System Hydraulic Pump

Put up Pressure CZPT Synchronous Program (DF-ZN-ZL-II/IV) is an revolutionary achievement with a lot of patents developed and improved from previous goods cooperated with dozens of CZPT domestic study institutes. The Tensioning Stage can be totally automatic by means of its created-in management module, laptop and tons of sensors to avoid mistake or interference caused by human factors. This is the most sophisticated technology in the subject of Submit Stress CZPT in China.

The Inner Software Language Control is utilized of Siemens Wise Series S7-200 which has advantages of rapidly knowledge processing, quick reaction velocity and precise calculation. And it employs Ethernet as its major conversation method. Also, relays, transformers and inverters are designed items cooperated with a lot of properly-recognized institutes in domestic.

As a reducing-edge item, “CZPT, Substantial CZPT and Hugely Effective” are its item mission, aiming to fix handbook interference, multi-jack error and real-time supervision for contractors. Seeking forward to receiving your message : ) With the SYNCHRONOUS of Primary and Secondary Manage Cabinet, Operating ERROR caused by guide factors will be avoided. Also, the two Principal and Secondary Manage Cupboards have constructed-in Bluetooth Module which can transmit signal wirelessly with no delay. 1 Main Manage Cabinet can join with dozens of Secondary Control Cabinets. And all of these equipment can be controlled by a one notebook. All doing work info can be uploaded to SEVER in true-time, easy to verify remotely. 
Every Manage CZPT can support 1 or more jacks to function synchronously at the same time.  The control device routinely adjusts the working mistake of every single jack,  in accordance to the doing work signal transmitted by the built-in Constrained Place Sensor to guarantee synchronous operation.
A customizable extremely experienced higher stress oil pipe is geared up on the machine, which has a thick protecting layer to stop tear-apart and oil leakage. A more sturdy, far more effcient and a lot more time-preserving pipe is what we provide to you.


Comprehensive Parameters

Model DF-ZN-ZL-two DF-ZN-ZL-four DF-ZN-ZL-six DF-ZN-ZL-8
Number of jacks supported two 4 6 eight
Oil pump output 2L/min
Gas tank capability 70L
Motor Energy 3Kw
Optimum output strain 70Mpa
Displacement measurement accuracy .08%FS
Stress measurement accuracy .two% FS
Conversation strategy Wireless knowledge terminal
Working voltage 370V ~ 400V
Ambient temperature -10`C ~ 40`C
CZPT dimension (L*W*H) 640mm * 460mm * 928mm
CZPTinal laptop computer CZPTvo notebook (with dedicated software program)


Intelligent Synchronous Tensioning or Lifting System Prestressing System Hydraulic Pump