Industrial Chicken Meat Injecting Machine

CZPT needles meat injector device


Merchandise Description
one: The machine adopts high good quality stainless steel, created of stainless metal pumps, developed easy to keep.
2: a lot more isolated as the injection equipment and little meat thoroughly, the plane was made four different filter capabilities, can instantly discharge the little pieces other than injection, efficiently make sure the needle is not blocked. Post removable push, effortless to clear, effortless to disassemble the needle, then simple to replace.
3: The machine injection stress can be among different products .one-.8MPA adjusted according to the injection stress gauge screen and intuitive, easy to use.
four: optional frequency handle, chain stepping length and phase pace synchronous adjustable.
five: The device is equipped with automatic needle protection gadget, when the needle strike a hard object can carry attendant from harm.
6: This equipment except for the meat processing other than by changing the injection needle can be utilised for processing fish, sea cucumbers, poultry and other goods.
Techical Parameters

Model TUNE-forty eight
Generation capability 500kg/h(1100lbs/h)
Electricity four.5KW
Injection rate forty-80%
Needle Specifications ¢2¢3¢4(mm)
Needle quantity 48unit
Potential 500Kg/h(1100lbs/h)
Injection stress .1-.8mpa
Injections speed 24-36 beats / min
Stepping pace forty-70m/min (adjustable)
Host size 1350*600*1750(mm)
Bodyweight 330Kg(730lbs)

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Industrial Chicken Meat Injecting Machine