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In addition, all our production methods are in compliance with ISO9002 requirements. we are confident to supply our consumers flexible and diversified solutions. With EPG manufacturer registered in more than 70 nations around the world like America , Europe , Japan and so on, it has partners amid entire world top enterprises, this sort of as JOHNDEERE, NEW HOLLAND, CLAAS, HONDA, KUBOTA, YANMAR, and so forth.

one: What is seal ring

A seal ring is a system that aids be part of systems or mechanisms together by avoiding leakage (e.g. in a plumbing method), conXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. strain, or excXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. contamination. The effectiveness of a seal is dependent on adhesion in the situation of sealants and compression in the circumstance of gaskets.
Rubber seal is a typical type of a gadget for avoiding leakage of fluid from one particular portion of a container to an additional, whether dynamic or static. It is also called as rubber ring, rubber sealing. The catagories of rubber seals incEPTs hydraulic seals(piston ring, rod ring, wipers, XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. ring, buffer ring…), rotary shaft seal(oil seal, coolant/h2o seal…), o rings and so on. Treatment is needed in style, considering that poor tolerances can trigger extrusion of the seal unEPTpressure.

Materials is also crucial to efficiency, the pursuing is the thermal Software of some supplies:

EPT seal Content IncEPTs Nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, ethylene propylene rubber, neoprene, chloroprene rubber, silicone rubber and so on.
NEPTR (Nitrile EPTutadiene Rubber)
Nitrile rubber (NEPTR) is the EPT term for acrylonitrile-butadiene copolymer. The ACN content can fluctuate between 18% and 50%. While the acrylonitrile content is EPTant, the resistance to oil and gasoline is a lot more so. Conversely, the elasticity and compression established are not as very good. The NEPTR has excellent mechanical qualities and very good use resistance. Nevertheless, its resistance to atmospheric agents and the ozone is relatively lower.

Chemical resistance Aliphatic hydrocarbons (propane, butane, petroleum, diesel gas)
Mineral oils and greases
Fireplace-resistant fluids (HFA, HFEPT and HFC)
Diluted acids, alkaline and saline solutions for low temperatures
Drinking water (up to one hundred degC max)
Compatibility situation Fuels with a higher aromatic content
Aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene)
Chlorinated hydrocarbons (trichlorethylene)
Polar solvents (ketone, acetone, acetic acid, ethylene-ester)
Sturdy acids
Glycol-primarily based brake fluids
Atmospheric and ozone agents
Temperature variety -30 degC / one hundred degC (limited-expression EPT at one hundred twenty degC)
-forty degC / a hundred degC with EPT NEPTRs

FKM (fluorinated rubber)

Based on their framework and fluorine content, fluoroelastomers can differ in conditions of chemical resistance and resistance to cold. This FKM-dependent rubber is quite usually utilized for substantial-temperature hydraulic and pneumatic programs, EPT valves, injection/gas systems, motor seals and higher-EPT systems.

Chemical resistance Mineral oils and greases, ASTM n deg1, IRM 902 and IRM 903 oils.
Fire-resistant liquids (HFD)
Silicone oils and greases
Mineral and vegetable oils and greases
Aliphatic hydrocarbons (propane, butane, petroleum)
Aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene, toluene)
Chlorinated hydrocarbons (trichlorethylene)
Petrol (incXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. large alcoholic beverages content material)
Atmospheric and ozone agents
Compatibility problem Glycol-based mostly brake fluids
Ammoniac gasoline
Natural acids with a minimal molecular weigEPT (formic and acetic acids)
Temperature assortment -twenty degC / 200 degC (quick-time period EPT at 230 degC)
-forty degC / 200 degC with EPT FKMs

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer rubber)
As an Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer copolymer, EPDM is generally employed for hot drinking water faucets, cooling methods, brake programs, dishwashers and washing EPTs.

Chemical resistance Very hot h2o and steam up to one hundred fifty degC
Glycol-dependent brake fluids (Dot three amp four) and silicone-primarily based brake fluids (Dot 5)
Organic and natural and inorganic acids
Cleansing brokers, sodium and potassium alkalis
Hydraulic fluids (HFD-R)
Silicone oils and greases
Polar solvents (alcohols, ketones and esters)
Atmospheric and ozone agents
Compatibility concern Mineral oils and greases
Minimal impermeability to gas
Temperature assortment -forty five degC / a hundred and fifty degC (limited-time period EPT at a hundred seventy five degC)

HNEPTR (Hydrogenated Nitrile EPTutadiene Rubber)
This HNEPTR-primarily based elastomer is acquired by means of selective hydrogenation of the NEPTR’s butadiene teams. It is typically utilized for EPT-assisted steering and for air conditioning.

Chemical resistance Aliphatic hydrocarbons
Mineral and vegetable oils and greases
Fire-resistant fluids (HFA, HFEPT and HFC)
Diluted acids, saline options and bases for lower temperatures
Water and steam up to one hundred fifty degC
Atmospheric and ozone brokers
Compatibility problem Chlorinated hydrocarbons
Polar solvents (ketones, esters and ethers)
Powerful acids
Temperature selection -30 degC / one hundred fifty degC (brief-expression EPT at a hundred and sixty degC)
-40 degC / one hundred fifty degC with EPT HNEPTRs

VMQ (silicone rubber: methyl vinyl polysiloxane)

This FVMQ-dependent rubber is extremely typically employed for gas systems.

Chemical resistance Animal and vegetable oils and greases
Average h2o temperature
Diluted saline options
Atmospheric and ozone brokers
Compatibility concern Superheated steam up to 120 degC
Chlorinated hydrocarbons with a lower molecular weigEPT (trichlorethylene)
Fragrant hydrocarbons (benzene, toluene)
Temperature assortment -sixty degC / 200 degC (short-time period EPT at 230 degC)

FVMQ (fluorosilicone rubber)
The FVMQ has mechanical and bodily properties that are very equivalent to individuals of VMQ. Even so, the FVMQ offers far better resistance to fuels and mineral oils. However, resistance to hot air is not as good as that of VMQ.

Chemical resistance Aromatic mineral oils (IRM 903 oil)
Aromatic hydrocarbons with a reduced molecular weigEPT (benzene, toluene)
Temperature variety -70 degC / 175 degC

ACM (PoEPTcrylate)

EPTmers conXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. ethyl acrylate (or butyl acrylate) have a modest quantity of monomer, which is needed for cross-linking ACM is a content with better warmth resistance than NEPTR. It is usually used for automatic EPTes.

Chemical resistance Mineral oils (motor oils, gear box oils, ATF oils)
Atmospheric and ozone brokers
Compatibility issue Glycol-based mostly brake fluids (Dot three amp 4)
Aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons
Drinking water and steam
Acids, alkalis and amines
Temperature assortment -25 degC to a hundred and fifty degC (limited-phrase EPT at one hundred sixty degC)
-35 degC / one hundred fifty degC with EPT ACMs

AEM (ethylene acrylate rubber)
As a methyl acrylate and ethylene copolymer, AEM is considered to be far better resistant to heat than ACM. Its attributes make it an intermediary between ACM and FKM.

Chemical resistance Coolants
Aggressive mineral oils
Atmospheric brokers
Drinking water
Compatibility concern Fragrant solvents
Sturdy acids
EPTrake fluids
EPT oils
ATF oils
Temperature assortment – forty degC agrave one hundred fifty degC

CR (EPTchloroprene)

This CR-primarily based elastomer is used in the EPT market and for air flow programs. This chloroprene was the initial synthetic rubber to be deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ed and marketed.

Chemical resistance Paraffinic mineral oils
Silicone oils and greases
Drinking water and water-based solvents for use at minimal temperatures
Refrigerant fluids
Carbon dioXiHu (West Lake)
Atmospheric and ozone agents
Minimal chemical resistance Naphthenic mineral oils
Aliphatic hydrocarbons (propane, butane, petroleum)
Glycol-primarily based brake fluids
Compatibility situation Fragrant hydrocarbons (benzene)
Chlorinated hydrocarbons (trichlorethylene)
Polar solvents (ketone, acetone, acetic acid and ethylene-ester)
Temperature assortment -forty degC / a hundred degC (brief-term EPT at 120 degC)

FFKM (perfluorinated rubber)

FFKM has the very best resistance to high temperatures and an superb chemical inertia. This FKM-based mostly rubber is really usually employed for higher-temperature hydraulic and pneumatic techniques, EPT valves, injection/gas systems, motor seals and substantial-EPT techniques.

Chemical resistance Aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons
Polar solvents (ketones, esters, ethers)
Organic and natural and inorganic acids
Drinking water and steam
High-EPT techniques
Probl egraveme de compatibilit eacute Coolants (R11, R12, R13, R113, R114, and so forth.)
Temperature range -15 degC / 320 degC

The desk underneath offers an overview of the physical, chemical and mechanical qualities for every single of the resources.

Resistance to abrasion 2 3 2 two four 2 four 2 two four
Acid resistant 4 3 two 2 one one three 1 3 three
Resistance to chemical substances 4 2 2 1 one one 1 two 2 2
Resistance to cold 4 two 2 two 3 four two 2 2 2
Dynamic houses 3 3 3 2 3 two four 1 two 4
Electrical homes 3 3 3 2 one four one 3 three one
Resistance to hearth 4 4 two 4 1 1 two four 4 3
Resistance to warmth 1 one 2 two one 1 one one 2 one
Sealing water 1 one 2 2 2 2 4 2 2 4
Resistance to oil 1 three 2 four one 1 2 one one two
Resistance to ozone one 1 two 1 1 1 1 2 four one
Resistance to tearing two three 3 one four 3 four two 2 four
Tensile toughness 3 two 2 1 2 1 three 1 2 four
Resistance to water / steam 4 four three 1 two three three 1 2 3
Resistance to atmospheric brokers one one 1 1 one one 1 two 3 1

one. superb qualities two. Good houses three. Common houses four. Poor properties

two. Application Selection

Used in the EPTs of heavy-duty EPT and rolling mill, improve the (sealing lip) radial pressure on the aXiHu (West Lake) Dis.s of rotation by stretched EPT. Sealing medium can be used to supply ample lubrication.

three. Attributes
one- excellent chemical resistance
two- good resistance to substantial and low temperature qualities
three -very good corrosion resistance to ozone and weather adaptation
4- higher put on resistance
five- minimal friction
six- low long lasting deformation traits
7- excellent elasticity


EPT seals is a company who was estabEPTd by HangZhou Mechanical Engineering Investigation Institute Co., Ltd. (fifty one% share, hereinafter to be referred as GMERI estabEPTd in 1959) and EPT Design Co., Worcester, MA, U. S. A. (49%, hereinafter to be referred as EPT, Worcester estabEPTd in 1888) in 2006. Now she is a skilled company for rubber sealing merchandise. Merged the wealthy seals research and manufacturing encounter of GMERI with the superior EPT and administration of EPT, Worcester, our company has acquired a great title from her cusomers all above the entire world, this kind of as the Siemens Primetals, EPTaosteels …. The largest rubber seal we made is the sealing ring for Three Gorges Hydroelectric EPT Station h2o-turbine generator(OD is 13000mm).

five: EPT seals had the greatest vulcanizing EPT(4000T) and diverse types of seal moulds. So for the non stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd seals, remember to do not be reluctant to make contact with with us. The pursuing is he the picture of EPT seals’ generation Line and warehouse:

six: Our solutions:
EPT Seals Study and DeveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ment capacity is dependent on her father or mother agency who has received awards as EPT analysis achievements for much more than a thousand projects and above two hundred of them received EPT and technological progress prizes of municipal, provincial, ministerial and countrywide ranges. At the identical time, it also has 1 Countrywide Accredited Laboratory, one particular National Engineering Research CEPTrs and 3 Sector Amount Inspection CEPTrs.

  in Turin Italy  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier High Quality PU Seal O Ring Oil Seal Rubber Seal manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Turin Italy  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier High Quality PU Seal O Ring Oil Seal Rubber Seal manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler