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Air Cooled Screw Water Chiller with Water tank, h2o pump

The chiller is made up of 4 main parts: compressor, evaporator, condenser, expansion valve, so as to accomplish the cooling and heating effect of the chiller. The Air-cooled EPT drinking water chiller is largely employed to great the heating parts of the products to make certain that EPT operate with a continual temperature. That it can effectively worked for process gas compressor’s cooling method with minimal gas temperature as clientele essential for.

As an EPT drinking water chiller, this air cooled screw chiller has the following Functions:
one. Refrigeration Cooling potential: 180kw~1520kw
2. Cooling circumstances: Chilled water inlet temperature is twelve #730C, outlet temperature is 7 #730C. Ambient temperature is 35 #730C.
3. Input EPT: typical in inventory 380V/50Hz.3ph, Allowable fluctuate voltage: plusmn ten%, allowable voltage distinction in section: plusmn 2%. Specific customize voltage, please inquiry get in touch with us to device quote.
4. Measuring sounds place: 2m ahead and 1.5m substantial in entrance of chiller with average measurement on 4 dimensions
5. Semi-closed five: 6 asymmetric twin-screw compressor from entire world-EPTed manufacturer, problems-free operation over 100000hours.
six. EigEPT phases quantity management or %-a hundred% automatic regulation.
7. Fluoride-resistant high-overall performance motor from French.
eight. Use PLC microcomputer control from Germany Siemens Lcd contact EPT, in EPT procedure manual and XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.n-EPT interface.
nine. Broad selection of variable chilled drinking water temperature to meet the EPT requirements throughout EPT yr.
10. Welcoming choose to use environmentally R407C or R134A refrigerant.
11. Cost-free shut-down triangle stars starter
12. Dual EPT circuits to every other back-up.
13. Can EPT customise the skilled minimal temperature Water Chiller, minimize the temperature to -180 #730C degree celsius.

Software of Water Chiller

The water chiller is to give a cooling approach in plastic molding, to enhance quality of molded items and shorten time period of injection molding cycles. That’s why maXiHu (West Lake) Dis.mizes productivity of plastic molding manufacturing Widely employed for Plastic molding, electronics business, electroplating business, EPTry market, design sector, EPT coating and foodstuff business and so on. Divided into drinking water cooled chiller, air cooled chiller.

Model KC-003 KC-005 KC-008 KC-571 KC-012 KC-015 KC-571
EPT Offer 380V/50Hz/3ph (other motor voltage can EPT personalize for the consumer)
Cooling potential kW 9 15.2 21.two 27.five 34.eight 42.6 fifty six.5
kcal/h 7,820 13,070 eighteen,230 23,650 29,930 36,630 forty eight,590
Heating capacity kW 25.two forty one.3 50.six
kcal/h 9,200 fifteen,530 21,650 28,one hundred twenty 35,five hundred 43,510 fifty seven,720
EPT intake kW two.65 four.27 6.fifty five eight.sixty five 11.05 thirteen.5 17.six
Chilled drinking water quantity m3/h 1.four two.3 3.8 5 six.2 7..3 nine.6
compressor Sort Airtight scroll / piston
Start off-up mode Direct start
Output EPT kW 2.three three.eight five.6 7.five 9.4 11.3 15
Refrigerant Sort R-22
handle method Temperature-sensitive exterior force equalization enlargement valve
Filling volume kg 2 three.6 six.five 8.two 9.six thirteen.three
Drinking water side warmth exchanger Variety Shell and tube
Pipe diameter EPT PT one quot PT 1-one/2 quot PT 2 quot
Air heat exchanger Variety Inner thread copper tube fin
Surface area/row M2 .62/3R .sixty two/4R 1.16/3R 1.sixteen/4R one.ninety two/3R two.28/3R three.06/3R
AXiHu (West Lake) supporter Sort Lower sounds aXiHu (West Lake) stream
Air quantity CMM sixty five 110 150 195 220 265 390
EPT kW .25 .37 .55 .55 .seventy five .55×2
protective device Substantial and minimal voltage swap, antifreeze safety, soluble plug / security valve, overload security system, coil overheat protector, temperature automated defense change, etc.
Dimension (mm) L 920 920 1200 1200 1500 1500 1860
W 850 850 1050 1050 1100 1100 1220
H 1300 1300 1450 1450 1580 1580 1700
Bodyweight kg 160 190 three hundred 330 390 430 600
Model KCPH-25 KCPH-thirty KCPH-35 KCPH-40 KCPH-forty five KCPH-fifty KCPH-five-sixty
EPT Provide 380V/50Hz/3ph (other motor voltage can EPT personalize for the consumer)
Cooling capacity kW sixty five.2 eighty four.2 ninety seven.5 one hundred twenty five.two 139.3
kcal/h fifty six,070 72,410 eighty three,850 ninety seven,260 107,660 119,790 143,seven hundred
Heating capacity kW seventy seven.five 99.6 one hundred fifteen.2 134.3 148.5 164.nine 197.two
kcal/h 66,750 85,675 ninety eight,212 114,369 126,830 one hundred forty,855 168,560
EPT usage kW 21.7 26.8 thirty.five 35.two 40.9 43.three fifty two.nine
Chilled drinking water volume m3/h fourteen.three sixteen.8 19 21.5 23.8 28.5
compressor Type Fully enclosed scroll/piston
Start off-up mode Direct start off
Output EPT kW 18.8 22.5 26.three 30 33.8 37.five 45
Refrigerant Kind R-22
control approach Temperature-delicate exterior pressure equalization expansion valve
Filling amount kg 15.eight twenty.four 23.6 27.eight 30.3 33.6 forty.two
H2o side heat exchanger Variety Shell and tube
Pipe diameter EPT PT two-one/2 quot PT three quot
Air warmth exchanger Variety Internal thread copper tube fin
Surface area location/row M2 three.eighty/3R four.fifty two/3R 5.36/3R six.08/3R 6.eighty two/3R 7.fifty four/3R 9.02/3R
AXiHu (West Lake) fan Variety
Air volume CMM 440 530 620 760 820 880 1060
EPT kW .75×2 1.1×2 one.1×2 1.5×2 2.2×2 .75×4 one.1×4
Protecting device Higher and reduced voltage switch, antifreeze protection, soluble plug / protection valve, overload defense unit, coil overheat protector, temperature computerized protection swap, and so forth.
Dimension (mm) L 1860 2250 2400 2680 2800 2450 2560
W 1220 1300 1300 1350 1350 2300 2300
H 1700 1850 1850 1900 1900 1900 1900
Fat kg 680 950 1070 1150 1380 1510 1680

Be aware: one. Measuring circumstances of previously mentioned specs and parameters: inlet temperature of frozen water 12 ordmC, outlet temperature seven ordmC, outside ambient temperature DEPT35 C/WEPT24 ordmC
two. Scope of perform: The temperature assortment of circulating water is from 5 to 35 ordmC, and the temperature big difference among inlet and outlet water is from three to 8 ordmC. Use at Condensation Temperature not greater than 35 ordmC.
3. The specifications are subject to change without recognize. If there are EPT requirements, remember to specify the technical specs ahead of purchasing.
4. The major spare portion of tools Configurationt: Japan Panasonic compressor, Usa LKE EPT accessories, France SchneiEPTelectronic controller, personal computer management panel which equipped with large and low voltage change. For the motor overload safety, absence of reverse stage safety, protection valve and other protecting devices stainless metal water tank coil evaporator and fin condenser .

The Keepwin air-cooled chiller and water-cooled drinking water chiller collection is the essence of domestic and foreign goods. It is manufactured with present day and superior EPT, with higher good quality and beautiful look. At existing, the solution cooling potential is from 16000Kcal/hr to 240,000Kcal/hr (8HP-120HP), and the calorific price is 92000Kcal/hr to 288000Kcal/hr (8HP-120HP), which can be extensively utilized in searching malls, hotels, banking institutions, accommodations, theaters and EPT fields. .

  in Louisville United States  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 13070 Kcal H Cooling Capacity Cooling Water Machine Screw Scroll Water Chiller manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Louisville United States  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 13070 Kcal H Cooling Capacity Cooling Water Machine Screw Scroll Water Chiller manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler