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Advantages amp Features

  • Airtight circulation system make confident large accuracy of temperature and increase daily life time of circulating liquid.
  • Commonly doing work temperatures variety from -100 degC to 350 degCwithout cooling fluid alter
  • Clever PID temperature handle
  • Higher stability and reproducibility of procedure
  • Adopted plate heat exchanger, heating pipeline to enhance charge of heating amp cooling
  • Commonly cooling EPT assortment from .five to 500 kW
  • EPTrilliant 4 inch, 7 inch, 10 inch TFT touch EPT with graphic exhibit can be select.
  • Comprehensive warning and basic safety functions
  • Speedy cooling down from large temperature (from three hundred degC).
  • Control software program is obtainable which can interaction in two hundred meter length. (Optional)
  • Incredibly compact

Construction style

A completely shut piping layout, substantial efficiency plate warmth exchanger utilized to decrease the demand for the thermal fluid uEPTzation while supplying the technique to attain the quick ups and downs in temperature The EPT program is a closed liquid circulation method with a expansion of container, expansion of the container and the liquid circulation is adiabatic, it will not in liquid circulation, only mechanical link, reXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.dless of the temperature is a high temperature or minimal temperature, the tank temperature is restricted to 60 degC. The rewards by this layout:

  • Only the warmth conduction medium in the expansion container touches the oxygen in the air. (The container temperature is limited to 60 degC), as a result, throughout the method the danger of imbibing and volaEPTzation of the warmth conducting medium is diminished.
  • No volaEPTzation of the heat conducting medium at substantial temperature.
  • No need to change the warmth conducting medium. Continuous handle the temperature variety to -eighty degC~a hundred ninety degC, -70 degC~220 degC, -88 degC~170 degC, -fifty five degC~250 degC, -30 degC~three hundred degC with no growing the pressure.

Screen operate

  • All the type of procedure control temperatures.
  • Liquid degree of the heat conducting medium in the growth vessel.
  • Indicator functioning position of EPT method.
  • Sign functioning status of heater.
  • Indication doing work standing of circulation pump.
  • Temperature manage manner (supplies and warmth transfer medium).
  • Temperature higher restrict and decrease restrict can be established.
  • Temperature big difference between jacket amp reactor substance can be set.
  • Alarm when liquid is empty.
  • Refrigeration compressor can be established to function manually or instantly.
  • Distinct temperature curve displayed, it can be zoom and exported to personal computer.
  • Recipe treatment set exhibit
  • Alarm be aware screen

Theory of process control
Modify the manage options of the method, the response as before long as possible in the method of the technique lags guiding, be the smallest program overshoot. Managed by two PID (PID is a variable in every single team) handle loop composition, known as the two sets of control loops: the major circuit and from the circuit, the main management loop from the loop output as the configurations. Technique with feed EPT with PV, the learn PID loop operation results of the PV output and feed EPT alerts as the composite of the settings from the handle loop, by means of such management of the temperature gradient to ensure the precision of temperature management method.

Higher repeatability of benefits management

Circulation Pump
Substantial temperature resistant lower tempera ture magnetic drive pump or a leak-free substantial and low temperature shield-pushed pump, lessen the threat of technique leakage. At the same time the method has the positive aspects of reduced noise and large site visitors circulation.

Digital expansion valve
Extensive temperature assortment of dynamic temperature manage technique with digital expansion valve developed by Emerson firm, It can monitor and adjust the amount of methods (~750 Methods / minute) into the motor, precise control the liquid volume from the refrigerant , EPTrove management accuracy.

Configuration application (Optional)

All dynamic temperature manage technique HRHC-Collection can be related with the pc.
You can install and file the photo of show on the computer through the configuration computer software.

  • Communication distance considerably less than 200m.
  • Effortlessly temperature placing
  • Actual time control EPT
  • Curve EPTrds
  • Plan variety
  • Alarm EPT recording

Basic safety safety
A lot of extra characteristics to make certain the risk-free operation of the method. For the operation to run not generally seem in the alarm in time and displayed on the contact EPT. Stage sequence, leakage security, EPT program substantial and low voltage protection, overload the pump, compressor overload, high and low amount, two unbiased more than-temperature defense, h2o safety, security of the circulation line shut.

Connecting Pipe

Products Temp. range Interface port
Fluorine rubber hose -30~two hundred degC Phi12*16 Phi16*22 Phi20* 26
Steel insulation pipe -60~250 degC DN15 DN20 DN25 M24*one.five M30*one.5 M38*1.five

Day interface amp computer software
StXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd configuration:

  1. Inputs of PT100 temperature sensor
  2. USEPT data export interfaces
  3. RS485 interface (MODEPTUS protocol)
  4. Alarm make contact with output


  1. Inputs of four ~ 20mA temperature measurement
  2. Inputs of 4 ~ 20mA temperature environment
  3. Ethernet interface
  4. RS232 interface (MODEPTUS protocol)
  5. Pc working application (Have to be equipped with Ethernet interface)
  6. Exterior handle box with contact EPT exhibit

Common Specs:

  • Management method: Feed EPT PID, PLC management
  • Temperature handle: Temperature of substance and circulation liquid can be managed and set
  • Plan:20 team packages, forty five segments for each and every team
  • Protocol: MODEPTUS RTU / RS 485 Interface
  • Temp. sensor: Circulation medium PT100, raw substance PT100 (3 measuring factors) four~20mA (Optional)
  • Handle panel: seven inches shade touch EPT, temperature curve screen amp document
  • Protection: With self-analysis operate freezer overload security higher-pressure change, a assortment of security features overload relays, thermal protection gadgets.
  • Closed loop program: Completely shut system, no oil mist at high temperature, lower temperature do not absorb moisture in the air, the program does not improve the pressure since the substantial temperature, lower temperature warmth transfer medium in computerized replenishment operation.

-one hundred degC ~ a hundred degC Business

Design HRHC-10A15W HRHC-10A25W HRHC-10A38W
Temperature assortment degC -100 degC ~ a hundred degC -a hundred degC ~ one hundred degC -a hundred degC ~ 100 degC
Approach Temp. precision plusmn1 degC plusmn1 degC plusmn1 degC
Heating EPT 15kW 25kW 38kW
Cooling ability 250 degC 15kW 25kW 38kW
one hundred degC 15kW 25kW 38kW
twenty degC 15kW 25kW 38kW
-20 degC 15kW 25kW 38kW
-40 degC 15kW 25kW 38kW
-sixty degC 9kW 15kW 22.8kW
-eighty degC 5kW 8kW twelve.5kW
-ninety degC 3kW four.8kW seven.5kW
Circulation pump Max110L/min
Compressor EPTock EPTock EPTock
Evaporator KEPTRI Plate heat exchanger
Oil separator Emerson
Enlargement valve Emerson
Refrigerant R-404A R23 R14 combined Refrigerant
Link measurement DN25 PN10 DN32 PN10 DN40 PN10
Water-cooled variety W
(cooling water at twenty five degC)
12m sup3/h
20m sup3/h
30m sup3/h
h2o-cooled condenser Shell and tube exchanger(stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd)
Dimension 1800*1200*1750 2250*1450*1750 2300*1450*1850
Bodyweight 950kg 1300kg 1700kg
34kW (max)
AC380V 50HZ
53kW (max)
AC380V 50HZ
75kW (max)
Situation material SUS 304 SUS 304 SUS 304

Technological Method


  in Ho Chi Minh City Viet Nam  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier -100° C ~ 100° C Industry Hermetic Refrigerating & Heating Circulator manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Ho Chi Minh City Viet Nam  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier -100° C ~ 100° C Industry Hermetic Refrigerating & Heating Circulator manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler