Hygienic Sanitary Stainless Steel Clamp Pull Hand Tri Clamp Manual Butterfly Valve

                     Clamp Pull Hand Tri Clamp Manual Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valves, no make a difference manually or automatically, can be employed in most fluid product applications in the foodstuff-processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

CZPT Parameter

Common DIN, 3A, SMS, RJT
Movement Medium Parts 304, 304L, 316L(one.4301, one.4307, 1.4404)
Port Dimension Dn10-150 or 1/2″-a hundred and fifty
Way of Connection Weld, Male, Clamp, Flange
Gasket for butterfly valve Silicone, EPDM, Viton, NBR
Application It is commonly applied to many fileds, this kind of as beer, beverage, dairy meals, fruit juice, pharmacy, biological and many others
Working principle Remote-managed procedure by the driving equipment or handbook procedure by take care of. 
3 travel varieties Usually closed, generally opened and opened and closed by two air flues seperately. 
Handle Metal take care of, bolstered nylon manage
Adjustable manage, developed to order in accordance to users’ ask for. 
Benefit 1. CZPT condition passed Food and drug administration Certification
two. With robust resistance to acid, alkali and large temperature
3. Slight deformation underneath long-expression compression presicion forging valve cartridge. Stand up to voltages
4. Appearance desigh: Hold rate with global most recent styles
5. Service daily life: Similar to imported butterfly valve, with 18months warrenty for regular use

We also source other types of valves,this kind of pneumatic butterfly valves,actuated butterfly valves,pneumatic butterfly valves with manage head,and ect.

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Hygienic Sanitary Stainless Steel Clamp Pull Hand Tri Clamp Manual Butterfly Valve