Horizontal Screw Pump for Hydraulic System

Overall performance Information:
Viscosity: 3.~ 760 mm2/ s
Stream: 11~ 3500 L/ min
Max. Strain: four. Mpa
Max. Temperature: a hundred and twenty

one. The most broadly used screw pumps
2. CZPT structure, with handy maintenance for pump elements and components alternative
three. Unique double seal style, with reliable sealing impact
4. The assembly of force alleviate valve is used to defend pumps

To transfer a variety of medium with lubricating residence or partial lubricating residence, but without having strong particles, like lubricant ( oil) ( for case in point, lubrication oil, device oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, and so on. ), h2o glycol, lubrication grease, mild diesel oil, residual fuel ( oil) ( such as large oil, coal tar, and so on. ) and other sticky chemical medium.

Are widely used in the fields of equipment, petroleum & chemical business, metallurgy, iron & metal, electrical power, maritime, Centralized lubrication unit, Lube circulation method, etc.

Mounting Type:
H: Horizontal mounting, frequent sort connected by frequent baseplate
F: Bracket-sort mounting, linked by bracket
S: Vertical mounting,
K: Immersion-kind mounting, to minimize the profession area on the oil tank.

Horizontal Screw Pump for Hydraulic System