High Wear Resistance Ceramic Piston for Pump

one. Materials:

Alumina / Al2O3 is an superb electrical insulator and a single of the most broadly employed advanced ceramic resources. Additionally, it is very resistant to use and corrosion. Alumina elements are employed in a wide range of programs this sort of as electronics, pump parts and automotive sensors. UNIPRETEC offers a variety of alumina compositions, like ninety two% Alumina, 95% Alumina, ninety six% Alumina, 99% Alumina, ninety nine.5% Alumina and 99.8% Alumina.

Boron Nitride / BN machinable ceramic is created by hot urgent Boron Nitride powders at large temperature and stress. UNIPRETEC’s Boron Nitride (BN) can easily be machined into rods, bars, plates and even intricate custom made shapes.The unique combination of extremely excellent thermal, physical and chemical qualities of BN Boron Nitride ceramic tends to make it ideal for solving difficult challenges in a wide selection of industrial purposes. 

Silicon carbide / SiC,exceedingly challenging, synthetically created crystalline compound of silicon and carbon. Its chemical formula is SiC. Given that the late nineteenth century silicon carbide has been an essential material for sandpapers, grinding wheels, and slicing instruments. Much more just lately, it has located software in refractory linings and heating elements for industrial furnaces, in use-resistant elements for pumps and   and in semiconducting substrates for light-weight-emitting diodes.

Silicon Nitride / Si3N4 is a high performance ceramic that is very hard and has excellent thermal shock and affect resistance. It surpasses most metals higher temperature abilities and has a superior mixture of creep and oxidation resistance. Furthermore, its minimal thermal conductivity and high put on resistance make it an superb materials that can stand up to the toughest of conditions in the most demanding industrial programs. 

Zirconia / ZrO2 – As opposed to standard ceramics that tend to be hard and brittle, Zirconia provides high toughness, use resistance, and flexibility considerably over and above these of most other technical ceramics. Zirconia is a very robust complex ceramic with superb homes in hardness, fracture toughness, and corrosion resistance. Its unique resistance to crack propagation and large thermal enlargement make it an outstanding substance for becoming a member of ceramics with metals like steel.

two. Positive aspects:

three. Manufacturing Approach


UNIPRETEC manufactures, develops and delivers factors produced of specialized ceramics. With expertise in analysis and growth in technical ceramic components, method development, manufacturing of precision elements and also consulting & working with many customers and associates around the entire world, we welcome any possibility from any individual who is interested in for development or sourcing higher tech ceramic factors from us.

Ceramic CZPT:

Alumina Ceramics (Al2O3 & Aluminum Oxide)
Aluminum Nitride Ceramics (AlN)
Boron Nitride Ceramics (Very hot Pressed Hexagonal BN)
Silicon Carbide Ceramics (SSiC, SiSiC, RBSiC)
Silicon Nitride Ceramics (GPSN & HPSN)
Zirconia Ceramics (Yttria Partly Stailized ZrO2)

Application CZPT:

Semiconductor rings, raise pins, and stop effectors
CZPT health care and laser instrumentation parts
Bushings, punches, dies, and forming resources
Fluid dealing with components – plungers, liners, tubes, shafts, pistons, cylinders
CZPT seals, valve seats, and management valve components
CZPT knives and blades

High Wear Resistance Ceramic Piston for Pump