High Quality Marine Bilge Pump   Small Gear Pump

1. Application 
  It applies to providing non-corrosive lubricating -oil ior equivalent liquid without having solid particles and fibres at temperature beneath 300ºC and with the viscosity of  5~ 1500 cst.
  Reducing the speed, the pump can delivery the liquid that the viscosity can be up to five*10000 cst.

two.Software Scope
  It can give performanceas transfer pump or booster pump in oil supply method. It can be also applied as gasoline pump for supply program, pressurization and injection in fuel source system and in all industry fields as lubrication pump.

  KCB sequence equipment pumps are primarily composed of gears, axles, pump entire body, pump go over, basic safety valve and axle-finish seals and so on. The heattreated gears have the advantage of increased hardness and intensity, and rotate with the axles inside the replaceable bearing sleeves. All of pump’s components can be lubricated by delivered medium when doing work.

  The pump is appropriately created with leakage and return chute, which lets the gears bear the minimum torque pressure and minimizes load and dress in on bearings in purchase to raise pump’s effectiveness.

  It is alsp disigned with basic safety valve for safety towards overload.The full return flow stress of the protection valve is one.5 occasions increased than the rated exhaust force of the pump. It can be also altered inside the allowance of exhaust pressure variety in accordance to situations. But  please notice the safety valve can not be used as pressurereducing valve for prolonged time. 

model  m3/h L/min speed   r/min exhaust strain p MPa NPSHR  m effectiveness  % powr design
KCB-eighteen.3 2CY-1.one/1.45 one.one eighteen.three 1400 one.forty five five 59 1.five Y90L-four
KCB-33.three  2CY-2/one.forty five two 33.three 1420 one.45 five 59 2.2 Y100L1-4
KCB-fifty five  
3.3  fifty five 1400 .33 7 41 1.five Y90L-four
KCB-eighty three.three  2CY-5/.33 five eighty three.three 1420 .33 7 43 two.two Y100L1-4
KCB-one hundred thirty five 2CY-eight/.33 eight one hundred thirty five 940 .33 5 forty six two.two Y112M-6
KCB-two hundred  2CY-12/.33 12 200 1440 .33 five forty six 4 Y112M-4
KCB-300  2CY-eighteen/.36 eighteen 300 960 .36 five 42 five.5 Y132M2-6
KCB-483.3 2CY-29/.36  29 483.3 1440 .36 5.five 42 eleven Y160M-four

High Quality Marine Bilge Pump   Small Gear Pump