High Hardness Zirconia Ceramic Piston Rod

High hardness Zirconia Ceramic Piston Rod

High purity ceramic alumina tube parameters:
1.Materials : Large purity alumina oxide ninety five%-ninety nine%

   Mainly utilized in thermalcouple temperature, liquid steel continous temperature, various industrial        furnace of alumina ceramic tube.

  Specifically commonly utilised in petrochemical, spinning, electric powered, instrumentation, mechanical exercise,      military undertaking and so forth business of alumina ceramic tube.

3.Good easy and substantial strength
4. Diameter from 1mm to 120mm,Size from 100mm to 2000mm, 
   multi bores tubes can be made. 
5. Max operating temperature 1800.
six. Out floor can be grinded drilling hole to make tight tolerance and correct instillation. 
7.Massive amount in stock helps make rapidly supply and aggressive rates.
8.OEM and ODM are welcomed 
Primary performance index about alumina ceramic tube:

Venture Take a look at the issue Device 99 porcelain ninety five porcelain Talc porcelain
Spine     ninety nine%ALtwoO3 95%ALtwoO3 MgO.SiO2
Bodily property Density of quantity Normal atmospheric temperature g/cmthree 3.8 3.6 2.8
Airtight Normal atmospheric temperature  . .Pass Go
Absorbing h2o rate Regular atmospheric temperature %
Temperature that frit   °C 1800 1650 1350
CZPT performance Rockwell hardness Normal atmospheric temperature HRA 88 86 76
Resist the intensity of turning back Normal atmospheric temperature Mpa 350 320 a hundred and fifty
Compression power Regular atmospheric temperature Mpa 1300 1200 900
Scorching efficiency Use temperature at most   °C 1700 1600 1200
Warmth resistant shaking 20O°C-1100O°C 10Num Go Move Go
Very hot coefficient of growth 20O°C-80O°C ×10-sixmm/°C 6.five-eight.five 6.five-eight. 5.-six.2
Warmth-conduction rate 25°C W/m.k 29 twenty five 2.nine
300°C W/m.k eighteen 13 two
Dielectric continual The medium lossing 1MHz2O°C ×10-four ≤2.five ≤4 ≤8.
The angle tangent is really worth 1MHz8O°C ×10-4 ≤3.5 ≤4.2
Dielectric strength Typical atmospheric temperature KV/mm 15 sixteen 20
Dielectric consistent 1MHz2O°C   nine-10.five 9-ten ≤7.five
Resistivity of quantity 2O°C Ω.cm >10twelve >10twelve >10thirteen
10O°C Ω.cm ten12-10thirteen ten12-10thirteen ten10-10eleven
30O°C Ω.cm >1012 3.1×10nine 5×10eight


High Hardness Zirconia Ceramic Piston Rod