G Type Single Stage Screw Pump  High Quality

one.The solitary-screw pump, a kind of rotary constructive-displacement pump with internal gearing, is mostly composed of a stator with twin spiral chambers and a rotor engaged with the stator in the shaft sleeve
two.The stator is created of numerous elastic material, consequently this pump has outstanding energy in delivering high viscosity fluid, reliable suspended particles and fiber
three.The G type screw pump is of significantly less spare parts, compact framework, little dimension practical routine maintenance. The rotor and stator are sporting parts, but they have simple composition which is effortless to put in and disassemble.

Operating situation:
Nominal diameter: 25mm-250mm
Circulation: .eight-150m3/h
Medium temperature: -20ºC~150ºC
Highest ambient temperature: +40ºC
Motor energy: .seventy five-75kw
Medium viscosity: ≤1000mps/s
Pressure: ≤1.2mpa
Sewage ability: solid particle size≤1.5-20mm
                             fiber length≤25-150mm

–CZPT safety
–CZPT sector
–Exploration and mining
–Medicine and foodstuff
–Ship developing
–CZPT industry
–Paper-generating market
–CZPTtrolyte processing
–CZPT engineering
–CZPT engineering
–CZPT industry

Design instruction:

Indicator Indicating
G solitary screw pump
P stainless metal materials
35 the nominal diameter of the screw(mm)
one pump stage

CZPT parameter:

Product Flow(m3/h) Strain(MPa) Head(m) Power(kw) Speed(r/min) inlet oulet Particle diameter(mm) Fiber size(mm)
G20-one .8 .6 sixty .75 960 25 twenty five 1.5 2.5
G20-two .8 1.2 a hundred and twenty 1.5 960 twenty five twenty five 1.five 25
G25-1 2 .six 60 1.5 960 forty 32 2 thirty
G25-two two one.2 one hundred twenty two.2 960 forty 32 two thirty
G30-one 5 .6 sixty 2.2 960 fifty forty 2.five 35
G30-2 five 1.two 120 3 960 50 40 two.five 35
G35-one eight .6 60 three 960 sixty five 50 3 forty
G35-two eight one.two a hundred and twenty 4 960 sixty five fifty three 40
G40-one 12 .6 sixty four 960 eighty 65 3.eight forty five
G40-two twelve 1.two a hundred and twenty five.five 720 eighty sixty five three.eight 45
G50-one 14 .six sixty five.five 720 a hundred 80 5 fifty
G50-two 14 1.two a hundred and twenty seven.five 720 100 eighty five fifty
G60-1 22 .6 60 11 720 a hundred twenty five a hundred 6 sixty
G60-2 22 1.two one hundred twenty fifteen 720 one hundred twenty five a hundred six sixty
G70-one 38 .6 sixty eleven 720 a hundred and fifty one hundred twenty five 8 70
G70-two 38 1.two 120 eighteen.five 720 150 125 eight 70
G85-1 56 .six 60 fifteen 630 one hundred fifty one hundred fifty ten 80
G85-two fifty six one.two a hundred and twenty 22 630 one hundred fifty a hundred and fifty 10 eighty
G105-1 100 .6 sixty 22 500 200 two hundred 15 a hundred and ten
G105-two 100 1.two one hundred twenty 37 five hundred two hundred 200 fifteen 110
G135-1 one hundred fifty .6 60 forty five four hundred 250 250 20 one hundred fifty
G135-two 150 one.two a hundred and twenty 75 four hundred 250 250 twenty 150

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G Type Single Stage Screw Pump  High Quality