Five Pistons Milk Fruit Dairy Industry Homogenizer

Potential: 5000 liters to 20000 liters
Max. Strain: 250 bar to 1500 bar
Max. Functioning pressure: 200 bar to 1200 bar
Motor: 110kw to 200 kw, made by SIEMENS
Substance: SUS 304, 316, 316L


CZPT Qualities

1 Lubricating system

Lubricating system which is equally squirting and splash employs delicate plastic pipes that can bear higher pressure and oil. The oil can hold steady temperature at the identical producing problem, so it delivers exceptional lubricate result. The recycle cooling program reduces driving box’s temperature and lubrication squander.


two Driving box

The eccentric shaft is created of special alloy metal which is use-resisting and has lengthy employing lifestyle. The 50 % design is easy to sustain and be knocked-down. Driving and eccentric shafts are drived by v-design gears which have following benefit: reduced sound and very good security.


three Put on parts

Homogenizing valve, one particular-way valve and piston are manufactured of particular alloy metal, with large affect-resisting and coreosion-resisting. This substance is applicable to any CIP’s corrosion-resisting. In special condition homogenizing and one-way valves can be manufactured of W alloy steel which has same purpose. All varieties of sealing substance have following gain: use-resisting, non-toxic, pressure-resisting and long lifestyle.

It is simple and handy to adjust wearing components, specially it is no need to have to get off pump in the course of changing pistons and sealing rings.


4  Pump building

The sq. higher stress addresses on the pump have high intensity and exceptional sealing operate. The tighten nuts with lids have great out looking. The material gate is according to food sanitation and pharmacy CZPTs. Out-in areas take adjustable tie-in which is effortless and hassle-free to be taken off and fastened.


five Variety

Jinzhu homogenizes are all horizontal construction which gain is good balance and easy to operate, preserve and repair.


6 Conserving strength

Jinzhu homogenizers is base on low vitality waste and substantial performance developing, which has very clear influence at the identical making condition.


We have 6 patens homogenizer. The most significant capacity of homogenizer is 35000LPH. The largest pressure of homogenizer is 1200bar.

In recent three several years, we have supplied a lot more than 320 sets of homogenizer with five pistons. WAHAHA has bought a lot more than five hundred sets of homogenizers including 220 sets of 5 pistons homogenizers. The product is JZH8000-60 (8000LPH, 600 BAR, 160KW).

Five Pistons Milk Fruit Dairy Industry Homogenizer