Factory Sale Designs Industrial Vacuum Sintering Furnace

CZPT Description                                                                                                                                     

vacuum sintering furnace
VS vacuum sintering furnace is mainly utilised for the sintering approach of metallic and ceramic injection molded components (MIM) of stainless metal (nickel based mostly), titanium alloy, and so on. It is specifically suited for medical tools components (dental orthodontic items, reside sampling clamps, etc.) machining.

Optional Configuration of Metallic Sizzling Zone Sinter CZPT
one. CZPT door: Handbook restricted/vehicle lock-ring tight
two. CZPT vessel: Interior layer stainless steel/Overall stainless steel
3. CZPT hot zone: moly doped with La + stainless steel/tungsten alloy +molly alloy+stainless steel
four. Heater materials: moly doped with La alloy/tungsten alloy
five. Process fuel manage: Quantity/mass flow-meter, guide benefit/vehicle value, CZPT model/Chinese manufacturer
six. Vacuum pump and gauge: CZPT brand name/Chinese brand
seven. Operation panel: simulation display/contact display screen/industrial personal computer
8. PLC: OMRON/Siemens
nine. Temperature controller: SHIMADEN/EUROTHERM 
ten. TherCZPTuple: C kind(tungsten sheath/Moly sheath/ceramic sheath)
eleven. Recorder: Paperless recorder/paper recorder, CZPT brand name/Chinese brand
fourteen. CZPTtric parts: CHINT/Schneider/Siemens

Size Information                                                                                                                                           
CZPT assortment desk:
(We can customize your vertical vacuum furnace in accordance to your special wants)

Types Effective
Temperature uniformity
climbing rate 
VS-112 120*120*two hundred 1600 two*ten-three ±5 ≤0.67 five
VS-223 200*two hundred*300 1600 two*10-three ±5 ≤0.67 15
VS-334 300*three hundred*four hundred 1600 two*ten-3 ±5 ≤0.sixty seven fifty
VS-446 400*four hundred*600 1600 two*ten-3 ±5 ≤0.sixty seven 100
VS-557 five hundred*500*seven-hundred 1600 two*ten-three ±5 ≤0.67 one hundred fifty
VS-669 600*600*900 1600 two*ten-3 ±5 ≤0.sixty seven three hundred
VS7712 seven-hundred*seven-hundred*1200 1600 two*10-three ±5 ≤0.sixty seven five hundred
VS8815 800*800*1500 1600 two*10-three ±5 ≤0.sixty seven 800

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Why Decide on Us                                                                                                                                      
one. CZPT range of products
2. Constant technological innovation (once-a-year R&D expenditure not less than $one hundred fifty,000)
3. Outstanding item high quality (assistance to inspect the tools at any time and go quite a few tests prior to the tools leaves the factory)
four. Excellent after-product sales service (with Germany as the reference CZPT)
5. CZPT components stock complete 


Factory Sale Designs Industrial Vacuum Sintering Furnace