Easy Operate Stable Capacity 1600mm Double Beams Spunbond Melt Blown Non Woven Fabric Production Line Making Machine

Generation Line Need:
  Cloth Width: 1000mm
 Spunbonded Nonwoven: one.three – two.five DAN
 Consumption of Raw CZPT: .two%
 Maximum Package deal Diameter: 1500mm
 Main Meterial: CZPTpropylene chip
Addition material 
coloration masterbatch       Delicate masterbatch          warmth degradation masterbatch
Product Gram: eight-220g/m2
CZPT Pace: 20-280m/min
Product CZPT Regular: 1. Follow up the Countrywide and trade CZPT of Spunbonded non-wovens
                           2. As the sample presented by Get together B
Uncooked Material Major Index Requirements :
   PP Chip  CZPTing Point: 166ºC  MFI(230ºC)≥25g/10min
   Ash Content<0.15%~0.25%
Produce:: seven.7t/Day(24h), calculated as 12g/ m2
About Typical Electrical power Consumption:
    800 KWH/Ton(Associated with creation width)

Get together B`s partial services and legal responsibility
one.This manufacturing line to be put in ability of electric power 500Kva, genuine electric energy 300Kva. Principal voltage is 3*380V, 50HZ
2.Water circulation amount is 100m3/h(25ºC .twenty five~.35MPA),and the water replenishing is .five m3/h
3.Celebration B is liable for the accommodation arrangement of Get together A during the subject operate time period.
4.Fulfill the payment obligation according to the agreement.
five.Equiped with electrical power cable, device oil, hydraulic oil, heat-conducting oil .
Workshop Need
CZPT Measurement: Duration*Width=25m*10m
Fore-spinning width :10m,  peak:10m,  size:16m                                               
After-spinning width: eight, peak:6m,  duration:8m
Plant location: 50m*20m(which includes raw materials, completed item warehouse)
Plant Peak: Fore-spinning 11m, soon after-spinning 6m
Spunbonded Double Beam CZPT Accessory
Merchandise No. Product  title Specification /Design Quantity Origin
1 Vehicle-Feeder 1. Principal motor: five.5 KW AC
two. Feeding 380KG/G
3. Barrel materials: 304
4. Dia Of feeding tube: Φ63mm
two blender mixer 300kg one HangZhou
three  MATERIAL TANK 1. Dimensions: 2000*a thousand*800
2. Material: 304
1 Xihu (West Lake) Dis. 
4 Major Extruder 1.SCREW DIAMETER: 135MM             2.L/D:30/1                                        three.SCREW Velocity:85RPM                     four.AC MOTOR:75KW                  five.Manage: CONVERTER CONTROL              six.Brand: SIEMENS                                      seven.Max output: 380kgs/hour                       eight.The maximum soften temperature: 280°C
nine. CZPT Content: 38CrMoAIA
10. CZPT heating electricity: 78KW
eleven. The Max force: 15-25MPa
two ZheJiang Jwell
five Recycling Extruder Bitmap

one.SCREW DIAMETER: 105MM            two.L/D:fifteen/1                                      three.SCREW Velocity:85RPM                     4.AC MOTOR:18.5KW               five.Control: CONVERTER CONTROL           six.Model: SIEMENS                                     7.Heating energy: 18KW        eight. output: 80kgs/hour 
two ZheJiang Jwell
six CZPT Bitmap

MCZPTL: GPF2T-five.5B                                 one. FILTER CBM: five.5M3                                 
2. Heating medium: Heat-conducting oil circulation
three. CZPT Mesh:180 mesh                              4. Candle variety
seven Metering Pump Bitmap

1.MOTOR: 5.5KW   (Siemens brand name)                             2.Stress of the exit: 4 Mpa 
three.Rotate velocity: five-35r/min  
4.Optimum strain equilibrium: 25Mpa 
five.Operating temperature: ≤250C
6.Temperature for cleaning: ≤300C                    7.Capability: 250CC
two  CZPT
8 Spinning Box Bitmap

one. Substance: 40CR made by hammering
two. Tube construction is brach pipe slit variety. The thickness of Tough Chrome Plating tube is .03-.04.
three. Heating Flow a single-piece
four. Sole air Exhaust and warmth preservation
2 HangZhou
9 Spinneret Plate Model:HW1910/256/33                  1)Heat conduction oil cyclic heating
two)Optimum temperature: 300C              3) Duration 1910mm                                  
4) Orifice amount:15710                          
5) Orifice Dia. .45×deepness 1.8                    
six) Material: sus431
4 HangZhou
10 Aspect-blow CZPT Tank one. Substance:304 stainless steel
2. Dimension:1910*900*1380
3. Adjustment Technique: Linkage
four Xihu (West Lake) Dis.
11 AIR BLOWER TUBE 1. Material:one.0mm provoke plate
2. Dia.:500 and 600                                                              
three. Exterior cotton for warmth preservation :10mm
1set Xihu (West Lake) Dis.
twelve Pull-up Drafting Gadget one)Created of aluminum
two)Perforated plate, bending table, 60um stainless mess, multi-ply melting
two Xihu (West Lake) Dis.  
13 Pull-down Drafting Unit Bitmap

one)Made of aluminum
two)Perforated plate, bending table, 60um stainless mess, multi-ply melting
two Xihu (West Lake) Dis.  
14 World wide web previous Bitmap

1)DC motor power 22kw    
2)Maximum velocity: 280 m/min                3) Model : Siemens                                       4).Wall board thickness: 40mm, Made by CNC machining heart.   
5).Dia. Of cylinder:220/270/290/330/ dealed with static and dynamic equilibrium. 
6).Hard chrome plating thickness: .03mm                         
7).Dia. Of mirror floor cylinder: 330mm  three pcs  Tough chrome plating .1mm  Warmth approach: oil heating technique
8). Cylinder bearing: NSK
1 Xihu (West Lake) Dis.       
fifteen Calender one)Roller: stiletto all around, heat conduction oil cyclic heating
two)Calendeing with laser embossed Roller and Specific Layout
3)The just temperature managing is ±1C
4)Greatest velocity: 280m/min
five)DC motor, power  22 kw*2pcs              six).Material:42CrMo                                             
7).Max. Services temperature: 200°C                     
8).Bearing: NSK                            
nine).Roller size: Φ510*2050mm,  pcs                                
10). Design of roller: Buyer provides cloth sample
one HangZhou GUANGYU 
sixteen Winder 1)Power: 5.5w , AC motor
two)Highest pace: 280m/min                  3) Air shaft : 2850mm  3pcs                       4) Dia of paper core: three” (76mm)
one Xihu (West Lake) Dis.           
seventeen Slitter Bitmap

one. Max Slitting Pace: 600M/min
2. Slitting Width:one hundred-2400mm
three. Wallboard thickness:20mm
4. Motor energy:seven.five KW
five. PLC control        6.Cylinder bearing: NSK
1 Xihu (West Lake) Dis.  
18 Oil CZPT 1)Design and style force: 10Kpa 
two)Operating stress: 3Kpa 
three)Style temperature: 300C
four)The temperature precision: ±IC 
5)One pipe diameter. Length: ¢250×1200  
6)Main motor: 5.5KW (Siemens)                 
7)Warmth electricity: 60KW                           
8)Flux: 37 m3
5 ZheJiang HangZhou
19  OIL TANK one. Dia.:500*800
two. Wall Thickness: 5mm
3. Materials: A3  plate rolling
4 Xihu (West Lake) Dis. 
twenty Substantial TEMPERATURE VALVE one. Substantial temperature ball valve
2. Model: two inch
3. Temperature resistance: 420°c
one batch HangZhou
21 Air Blower 55KW two sets                 45KW 2 sets                 7.5KW  2 sets 6 HangZhou
22 Air condition Box 150,000 Calories                     Dimension: W2000  H2000 D4000 2 HangZhou
23 CZPT Tower one hundred Regular Ton 1 HangZhou
24  Air-conditioner Main Motor Electricity: a hundred Pi one China
twenty five Vacuum furnace 1.Liner dimension:Φ600*2360mm                   
two.Heat energy: 36KW                           
3. Vacuum pump energy: 4KW
one ZheJiang HangZhou
26 CZPTsonic Cleaner one.Warmth energy: 3.5KW                          
2.CZPTsonic energy: 7.5  KW                        
three.CZPTsonic head:  80pcs                           
four. Inside dimension: 2500*three hundred
27 HOIST 1. Hoisting fat: 1 T  2pcs    2T  1pc
2. 1T  2KW   2T  3KW
3 Xihu (West Lake) Dis.
28 WIRE AND WIRE TANK CZPT copper core 1 batch Xihu (West Lake) Dis.
29 Steel plateform 13M*11M*six.6M one set Xihu (West Lake) Dis.
30 CZPTtrical Cabinet Frequency Converter/PLC/PLC Extension/Contact Pannel           Pressure Transducer/Temperaturer Controller 1 China
Spare part list
Item No. Product  name Device Amount  
one Spinning CZPT Internet Sheet three  
2 F4 CZPT strip M 20  
three Rolling Mill CZPT Consuming Pipe Trip 3  
four Infrared Rectification Inductor Established two  
five Air Tube Rolling 1  
6 Honeycombed Plate utilized Screen Mesh M 5  
seven 10mm Thermal Insulation Sheet 10  
eight Glass Cement Box one  
nine Glass Glue Gun Piece 1  
ten Spinneret utilised Allen screw Set one  
11 CZPT disassembling instrument Set 1  
twelve Rolling Mill disassembling device Set one  
thirteen Airbag Piece 1  
fourteen parting medium Box 1  
15 brush meter three  
16 Photoelectric change Established three  
seventeen Button swap Set three  
18 Unexpected emergency cease change Set 3  
19 lace curtaining Sheet 2  
twenty Lattice Internet Wire Journey ten  
21 fuel-sort fitting Set 20  
22 Air shaft Set four  
23 tee joint T Set 20  
24 direct out of Set twenty  
25 cassette leaf Set twenty  
26 gland strip Established 10  

one.Our payment conditions is T/T. sixty% down payment with PO, 35% prior to cargo.five%payable soon after test the equipment.
2.Time of delivery: 90days.
3.Time of installation: 15days
4.This equipment is guaranteed for one 12 months.


Easy Operate Stable Capacity 1600mm Double Beams Spunbond Melt Blown Non Woven Fabric Production Line Making Machine