Diesel Power 8 Cubic Meter Wet Concrete Spraying Pump with Output Aggregates 15mm

diesel power eight cubic meter damp concrete spraying pump with output aggregates 15mm
56KW diesel motor wet concrete spraying pump concrete supply pump all in 1 machine

At current, shotcrete machine is divided into two varieties: dry concrete spraying machine and wet concrete shotcrete  spraying device.

Each of them are typically utilised for pouring this kind of skinny-walled structures as tunnel lining, walls and ceilings, as nicely as the covering layer of metal structure.

Dry spraying device mixes cement, sand and gravel in a dry and evenly condition, a technique to compress the air to provide materials to the nozzle the place they are combined with strain h2o for pouring it need to be operated by competent personnel, and the particle size shall not be way too huge, even so, as large quantities of cement are needed and the jet velocity is massive, which guide to serious dust pollution and rebound, its usage is thereby restricted.

Damp spraying machine delivers nicely combined concrete to the nozzle by means of conveying and pumping, and compressed air is added at the outlet of supply pump, which tends to make components and air entirely combine with one an additional in the pipe, so that perfused supplies become far more even. In addition, accelerator is sprinkled on the nozzle for generating resources solidify quickly and decreasing the rebound price. Apart from, its working efficiency is increased than dry spraying device as the mixture of components can be simply controlled.

Damp spraying device is commonly used for concrete spraying operation in locations this kind of as mine, tunnel, culvert, railway, hydro-electricity project, underground engineering and revetment.

Primary Qualities of CZPT Pump-variety Damp CZPT CZPT
The technique is far more trustworthy and supply potential is steady in adopting hydraulic pumping.
It has massive volume of shipping and delivery, lengthy length of shipping and delivery and large performance of construction.
Sprayed concrete is of high performance and energy, as properly as getting dense and homogeneous.
The major oil pump adopts variable displacement piston pump of continuous electricity and the shipping volume, which can be freely adjusted according to demands, is managed by PLC.
S pipe surfacing electrode of higher power, dress in plate and reducing ring are inlaid with hard alloy of large energy, which not only enhances the dress in resistance, but boosts the service daily life of areas.
It is equipped with multi-point electric lubricating pump. And collectively with automatic and effective control of grease’s filling quantity and time, contributing to the reality that the services existence of dress in-out components are effectively improved
Air cooling avoids harm triggered by h2o cooling in winter.
Accelerator is included and controlled by metering pump of domestically CZPT brand name, achieving exact measurement and acknowledging stepless pace regulation.
Harm on the wellness of operator is reduced by reducing dust focus beside the device and of the nozzle.
Xihu (West Lake) Dis.nized design of solution helps make operation and upkeep grow to be less difficult, with dependability successfully guaranteed as effectively.

Configuration of CZPT Pumping Moist CZPT CZPT:.
Electricity Technique: it adopts motor and diesel engine of domestically CZPT brand.
Principal Oil Pump: it adopts variable plunger pump, which assures the stable and reputable procedure of system, whilst its overpressure reduction perform realizes the efficient defense of major pump and motor.
CZPT System: it adopts different lubrication of five details, and “position-to-point” lubrication guarantees that essential areas is not going to be worn out, as a result increasing their service life.
Accelerator Metering Pump: reciprocating piston diaphragm pump is of high temperature resistance, erosion resistance and abrasion resistance, with substantial accuracy of measurement, and its pace can be regulated steplessly.
People of electronically controlled reversing method: low pumping force and large reversing speed, which decrease reversal influence and operator’s labor intensity two different hydraulic circuits make the oil supply of technique more steady operation gets simple and trustworthy through correct control of PLC, which raises reversal speed of swing cylinder even though lowering the reversal effect, at the same time, instantaneous action of big cylinder’s reverse is accelerated, creating concrete cylinder turn out to be significant, increasing the continuity of resources provide and noticing even discharge.

  Item Device Parameter
Concrete pump Max. theoretic concrete spray  volume  m³/h 8
Max. theoretic delivery stress Mpa seven
Max. delivery frequency Occasions /min sixteen
Type of distribution valve   S tube valve
Principal oil cylinder specification: cylinder dia./position dia.× stroke mm Φ140×1200
Diameter of shipping cylinder mm Φ100
Hopper Peak mm 1140mm
Energy method Motor Design   1004-four LOVOL
Electrical power kw fifty six
Rated Voltage V 24VDC(two*12V,110Ah)
Rated Velocity r/min 2200
Gas Tank L 70
Hydraulic program Variety of CZPT oil circuit   Open up circuit
Maximum oil force of major program Mpa 25
CZPT oil tank volume L two hundred
Other parameters Max. stone diameter mm  
≤15 When spray
CZPT within diameter mm Φ57
Boundary dimension   mm 4500*1500*1550
Bodyweight kg 2300
Towing peed km/h ≤8


use S-valve to switch the course, for fantastic stone concrete conveying
excellent sealing S-valve, installed with floating put on resistant ring
High-quality use resistant alloy components for long provider-existence
substantial shipping force for need of substantial-increase and lengthy distance projects
double-loop open up circuit hydraulic system, ensure quickly route switching speed and high effectiveness
air cooling system, without dependence of exterior h2o provide
with re-pumping perform to clean design of much better accessibility
automatic lubrication technique for prolonged service-lifestyle
PLC technique to make sure very best electrical management functionality
outfitted with wired distant controller, simple to run
Places of application:

The SAINTYOL DAWIN CZPTry wet concrete shotcrete pump are based mostly on technological pioneer achievements. They preserve exploring and building new technology – and have been performing so for a lot of years!They are the countrywide initiative products for fine stone concrete conveying and gained two countrywide patents.
·Fine stone concrete conveying 
·Floor heating design
·Tunnel and underground development
·Mortar conveying
·Used as spray pump when Set up with incidental spraying tools, for concrete, mortar, refractory materials and green soil spraying
DSPJ08-07-fifty six moist concrete shotcrete pumpare utilized for large-rise conveying, railway, tunnel, bridge design and unique purposes, hydraulic power, mining and nationwide protection.



SAINTYOL DAWIN CZPTry is a firm specializing in the research, design and style and manufacturing of building equipment for nearly twenty several years. We provide the most realistic answer in accordance to the special need from different consumers. Our major goods for construction equipment are as follows: Concrete mixer, concrete batching plant, diesel concrete mixer, concrete pump,  sand so on. With numerous investigating and generating bases in China, we can give the effective specialized provider and upper high quality machinery for the consumers all over the planet.   
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Q: How many sorts of trailer concrete pumps you have?
A: We have all varieties of concrete pumps this kind of as modest models with ability 20,twenty five, thirty,40m3/h, medium versions with potential forty, 50m3/h, huge types with ability 60, 803/h.
Q: Do you have concrete putting booms that could be working with each other with concrete pump?
A: Of course, We have below collection.
1: thirteen/15/17m Guide CZPT Spider Concrete Placing Booms
two: 13/fifteen/17Mobile CZPT Spider Concrete Inserting Booms
3: 28/32m Ground Climbing Kind and Elevator Properly Shaft Climbing Concrete Positioning Booms (Tubular Column)
four: 21/24/28/32 Elevator Properly Shaft Climbing Concrete Putting Booms (Mast Section)  
Q: What is the configuration?
A: For exporting, most of the parts are entire world CZPT leading makes this sort of as LOVOL, DEUTZ, Siemens, CZPT, CZPT, Schneider, Omron, LG, Eaton, Manuli, Parker and many others. The configuration could be CZPT in accordance to client’s requirements.
Q: Is engineer accessible for training and after sales provider?
A: Yes, our oversea engineers group are standing by for oversea services. Some engineers could communicate English.

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ten. Please contact me via telephone when you have any problems with the plant.

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Diesel Power 8 Cubic Meter Wet Concrete Spraying Pump with Output Aggregates 15mm